5 Classic Role Play Costumes to Try

10 May 2018

Here at Dior Escorts, we don't claim to have invented role-playing. Role-playing isn't something new to try in the bedroom. In fact, couples have been role-playing for a long time and many people who haven't role-played fantasise about various different role-plays from office role play to fictional characters and everything in between. As an escort, you may come across many clients who wish to role-play with you or maybe you would rather role-play yourself a little bit. If this isn't a service you already provide it's worth thinking about adding to your rogue's gallery of activities as this will help increase your clientele and repeat business as people love to role-play. 

Whether the role-play changes or not some clients are happy that you're even going to participate and indulge in their fantasy an may keep coming back to you because they know you're willing. So let's talk about a few role-play costumes you could introduce to your wardrobe to help you expand your services. Today we're going to go through some classic costumes people have been role-playing with for some time. So without further a due, here are our five classic costumes to try in the bedroom. 


When it comes to classic costumes, this one should have been easy to guess. The nurse costume is a classic and comes in a variety of styles and colours since nurses in different regions dress differently. The most common of colours to find in nurse costumes are either red, white, blue or a mix of red and white. These are the most commonly recognised colours and as for the choice of design as with all sexy costumes, nurse costumes come in a variety of styles to choose from ranging from more realistic nurse work outfits to skimpy, tight and evidently sexy costumes.

The type of outfit too sexy for an actual nurse to wear, but perfect for your naughty nurse to tend to you for. The nurse outfit is popular so therefore easy to find and highly demanded when it comes to role-playing. To satisfy your customers and show them how well you can look after them as a naughty little nurse. Savannah is one of the naughtiest escorts here at our agency, check out her profile now.

Police Woman

The policewoman is another classic and offers you a chance to turn the tables and be in control of the situation. Police uniforms are also easy to find because of there popularity and again come in a range of different styles. Most commonly the police woman's uniforms are normally black or blue and are either a tight dress or a crop top and skirt. Some sexy police officer's uniforms come in all black leather body suits more akin to a cat costume but with the police badge and hat there will be no mistaking your sexy authority. The instantly recognisable 'policewoman' image comes from the fun props that also come with this costume such as a police offers hat and sunglasses.

Sometimes a police outfit can be available for you to wear if you want to be more controlling and have your clients in line in the bedroom. Police uniforms also come with other fun props such as handcuffs which can be used in all kinds of creative ways in the bedroom, just make sure to have the keys to the cuffs on you at all times. The last thing you want is to be tied to a bed with no keys to uncuff you. Put your authority on full display and show how sexy and controlling you can be as a powerful policewoman.

French Maid 

The French maid is a popular costume also popularised through its continuous use as a typically 'sexy' costume throughout pop culture. In many movies and TV Shows if a character is evidently trying to be sexy or chooses to role-play they often choose the french maid as the classic uniform is more recognised as a to role-play uniform today than actual work-attire. For this reason, the French maid is instantly recognisable today as a 'naughty' outfit so you can be sure your client won't be disappointed when he see's how stunning you look.

The french maid typically is in less control in the bedroom with the role play usually following the premise the French maid is a worker who submits to her employer for both their pleasure. Its popularity means like the other costumes on this list it is also an easy costume to find and comes in a number of designs with the most common consisting of a black dress with a small white apron and usually high heels with white stockings. The costume is instantly seductive and typically comes with a cute little feather duster for a little more authenticity in your role

Cat Woman 

Whether you're a generic cat woman or the classic Batman villain and sometimes love interest, hey, even Batman can't resist the catsuit. Cat woman suits are typically a black leotard of some sorts. A Black body suit that can come in a number of materials ranging from silk to leather and everything in between. The cat costume has always had sexual connotations linked to it due to its skin-tight nature which greatly boosts the wearer's physical features and looks enticing from every angle. Cat costumes are incredibly easy to find and come in a wider range of styles than any of the other costumes on this list. Sometimes showing very little sometimes exposing a lot of skin, the cat costume is pretty much whatever you want it to be.

Often coming with a tail for authenticity and cute cat ears to make you look that little bit more kitty and to show off your playful side which is obviously important in the bedroom. Sometimes the costumes can come with other props such as little gloves or socks to replicate paws. If you're feeling like a particularly dominating cat and want to pounce on your client, you can use a replica whip to represent your tail to be more enforced in the bedroom. So whether you are a playful kitty or a dominating panther, the cat costume is made to enjoy. 

Bunny Costume

The bunny costume is one of the most famous bedrooms role-play costumes ever thanks to Playboy magazine making it an iconic look. The lifestyle magazine popularised the bunny after using a silhouette of a bunny's head as the main insignia and having all its members of staff in the Playboy clubs don the bunny attire. Known as 'Playmates' or 'Playboy Bunnies' the costume has become a desired fantasy for many males. Many of Playboy's playmates have worn the iconic bunny when featured on the cover of the magazine so it's popularity has increased over the years. 

The costume is easy enough to find because it's so iconic and comes in a range of designs most popular the classic Playboy design. Often coming with a tiny bunny tail which rests at the back of the costume it is the perfect costume to show how playful you can really be and give your clients what they've fantasised about for years, a gorgeous playmate. Kim is one of our girls who love dressing up as a bunny. See for yourself how amazing she looks in her personally uniform collection when you book this hot brunette.

So there we have it, 5 classic role-play costumes for you to try with your clients. All these costumes are easy enough to find and the roles are easy and playful to get into so dress up, be playful and most of all remember, have fun! 




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