5 More Classic Role Play Costumes To Try

14 May 2018

So in our last blog, we talked about how some costumes are classic role-play costumes and we took a journey through a short list of five which compromised of nurses and cats and all the typical costumes. So we thought why stop at five when there are so many sexier role-plays for you to indulge in so we're back with another short list of classic role-play costumes.

So let's start in no particular order with:


The Cheerleader is a popular costume although cheerleaders themselves aren't very native to the UK despite this it is a popular fantasy uniform because of people's exposure to American media. We often see cheerleaders in movies and American TV shows to the point we can recognise a cheer leader's uniform instantly despite hardly ever seeing real cheerleaders. The uniform comes with a short skirt and crop top and often some pom poms to go with the uniform.

Easy enough to find the cheerleader costumes come in every colour you could want as many of the real uniforms are representative of a sports team, therefore, you can find cheerleader uniforms in practically every colour and instead of having the name of a sports team across your chest you can have something a little more playful such as 'Naughty' written across your chest. An incredibly playful costume easy enough to find in any colour you want makes this one of the more fun outfits you can purchase for the bedroom.


If you want things to get really hot in the bedroom you can dress as a firefighter. This is a popular classic costume as it's appeal comes from the obvious role-reversal. Although there are women firefighters typically most firefighters are male and the connotations linked to the profession is still males.

The costume typically comes in black or red and usually has some yellow caution lines on it to show it's a firefighters outfit. Fun props also come with this outfit such as gloves and a fireman's hat for you to really get into the role. Typically thigh high boots are worn with this costume mainly in black or red so if you want to show you're not shy handling a hose this is the perfect costume for you to try.

Army Girl

Army girl uniforms are a soldier's dream and it's possible some of the clients you have are either active soldiers or have been soldiers previously, so why not give them a heroes tribute and dress as a sexy soldier. The fun part about being an army girl is you get to play around with the role. For example, you can be a new recruit ready and willing to do whatever it takes to please your commanding officers and completely submit to authority or you can be the one in power initiating your new recruit into your squadron. Whatever role you choose to play you can be sure to have some fun as an army girl.

The costume is easy enough to find and depending on how much skin you want to show is also available in a range of styles with the pattern always being camouflaged. Some soldier costumes come with props such as fake bullet belts, sunglasses, gun straps or a soldiers hat. So salute your client for having good taste in women and proceed to show him why it's better to make love, not war.

School Girl

The bad schoolgirl has been a popular role-play costume for a long time and therefore is incredibly easy to find in a range of different styles. Most typically is the British schoolgirl uniform consisting of a white shirt with a tie, black skirt and white stockings. The bad school girl is an easy enough costume to put together as it's literally just a white shirt and a skirt so if you have that you can put the uniform together yourself, all you need is a little tie. If you want to be really playful you can ask to wear your clients tie if he has one to heighten his experience with you even more as he will see you are eager to please.

The schoolgirl role-play is more about you submitting so if you're feeling particularly naughty this is a perfect fantasy to indulge in and a cheap one. Unlike other costumes which are a little more specific and therefore if were ruined would require a new purchase, like we said, the schoolgirl outfit is easy enough to put together so if you do ruin your shirt or skirt you don't have to bu an entirely new outfit, you can just replace parts of the uniform easily. Amy loves dressing up as a school girl and has clients from all around the country wanting to be her headmaster.

Flight Attendant

Some of your clients will be businessmen or men who for whatever reason have to travel a lot and have probably spent a more than a couple moments on flights fantasising over the gorgeous flight attendants who make sure they're ok. Now is your chance to make that mile high fantasy a grounded reality with a sexy flight attendant uniform. The flight attendant comes in many different colours ranging from white to red, blue, black, pink and purple with the most common colour being blue. The uniform typically comes with a little flight attendant hat and ascot and is always worn with high heels so show your client which direction to go in and make sure to tend to anything he needs.

So there we have it, another list of incredibly sexy and classic role-play costumes for you to try in the bedroom with your client and remember most of all, have fun! If you haven't seen our first list click here to check out '5 Classic Role Play Costumes'




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