5 Movie Cosplay Ideas

30 April 2018

Role-playing is a huge part of some people’s sexual lives. It’s also just something fun to try out every now and then. For London escorts, role-playing can sometimes be essential as clients may request you to play out a number of different scenarios or pretend to be characters from films they love. As an escort, remember, you can refuse to do role play, especially if it’s too weird for you personally such as incest role play but if you are up for it then role-playing can be a lot of fun as well as help increase your clientele.

You may also end up with more regulars as you’re willing to do something other escorts may not be willing to do. Remember when escorting, your bread and butter is regular clients, they keep coming back and keep you with an income and this is a unique way to attract repeat clientele. Bare in mind, some of it may be a little harder to do on a day to day basis but if you have arranged your meeting with your client in time, it could be a great experience for you both.

We already did a 5 best comic cosplay ideas to try, so we’re back with another top 5 and this time its movies. Let’s run through a list of lovely cinematic ladies you can pretend to be to blow your client's minds.

In no particular order starting with:

Lara Croft

Lara Croft is a lot of gamers first crush. She was originally introduced on the PlayStation in the early 90’s and then rose to household popularity after Angelina Jolie portrayed the young tomb raider back in 2001. Angelina Jolie became a household name herself off the strength of this film and the character's popularity has remained since.

The original film starring Angelina Jolie was given a sequel a few years later with Jolie still in the starring role. In 2018 the film was remade and this time starred the naturally beautiful Alicia Vikander. Lara’s costume is easy enough to create as it’s pretty much hot pants and a T-shirt. Definitely a character you can have fun with.

Since she is known for raiding tombs. A bit of body paint, fun jungle accessories like bandanas and bracelets and any other accessories you want to try could go along way with a character like Tomb Raider while still attaining her sex appeal.

Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit is a fictional character who appeared in the live action/animated crossover ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’. The character is popular for its purposely and mostly hilariously exaggerated figure and sexual appeal. Often seducing pretty much whoever was in her scene, and clearly portrayed to be the one woman all men desire, the character has taken on her own cult following of people aspiring to be her or find someone like her.

A fancy red dress and some gloves with your already gorgeous face and you’re good to go. Jessica Rabbit is quite a nostalgic crush for many people so satisfy your clients today by giving them what they’ve dreamt about for years.

Star Wars

Ever since 1977’s triumph that was Star Wars was released fanboys of the series have dreamt of having there very own Princess Leia. Played by the late Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia was a fanboy dream almost immediately.

With her iconic cinnamon bunned hair and long white dress, the costume is easy enough to pull off with the only real-time dedicated will be to the hairstyle. That being said almost everyone has seen star wars and on some level is a fan so Princess Leia is definitely a cosplay that will go down well with your clients. Let him unleash the force.

Alice In Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is one of the most famous stories ever told. Everybody knows the story of Alice’s trippy adventures in Wonderland and everyone has been exposed to the stories in different mediums and different versions. The character of Alice, however, has always retained her popularity, appearing in dozens of spin-off stories, books, cartoons, comics, movies and of course, costumes.

Alice’s costume is innocently cute with long white socks and a blue dress. Her iconic look is easily recognised even if you turn it a bit ‘adult’. She is a popular costume for an adult play and again can be the perfect nostalgic fun your client was looking for. Show him your wonderland for a seriously satisfied customer.

1 Million Years BC

1 Million years BC is a 1966 British film set in the past and is notorious for pretty much one aspect of the film. Raquel Welch. The 60’s stunner was an absolute knockout in her role supporting skimpy caveman-esque type clothing. She was the star of the film and the only reason everybody was suddenly interested in an earlier time on our planet.

The costume is easy enough to pull off as it’s just raged clothing but looking as good as Raquel Welch, that’s a different story altogether. Satisfy your clients with a trip down memory lane and introduce them to the era where body language was the way people communicated. 




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