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A little winter sun

18 January 2018

Boy has it been cold!!! Every time I have stepped out the front my very well dressed arse has frozen, what on earth is going on here? How bloody cold is it and I hate the cold, its this time of year that I often think about getting out of London, leaving Rachael in charge of the London escort agency, and warming myself up, getting some winter sun.

Winter sun is great, I love it, the feel of it as you step out of the airport, the smell of the heat as you walk into passport control - not the smell of the horrible luggage collection toilets they are all the same they are all vile!!

Where would I jet off to? Dubai? No, its not for me, if I want the best service and luxury in the world then I already have it on my doorstep, to me Dubai is trying to be the new London but in the desert next to the sea, no thank you, I wouldn’t want to leave my beloved city and my escort agency to there. I know that some of our ladies do travel and take holidays to Dubai and that many of the escort girls love the place but I am more than happy to have never been, perhaps one day I will, I would never rule anything out.

Spain? Marbella? I love Spain but this time of year its just that little too cold, I want to travel to somewhere that's in the mid to high sixties, not the lower end. I have visited Marbella for years, I have never owned an apartment there, I have always been scared of property investment aboard - as far as I am concerned the UK has the best market and has always given me the best returns. I have spent a great deal of time in PB - I have been known to take some of our beautiful London escorts with me and some them off over there, you always want a beautiful girl on your arm over there. You see that beautiful women in Marbella are just like great cars, you need to turn up with one and leave with one. It's as simple as that!

So where am I going to jet off to?

I think I will give Cape Verde a try! I have never been there before but have been told by many how beautiful it is and how warm the weather is. Would I take one of our beautiful girls with me? Yes, I think I will. 

Out of all of our ladies which one would I take with me, which stunning escort would I have stay with me for a week? At the moment Elisa is really pushing my buttons, everyone knows that I love a brunette and she is top of the list at the moment. If I do decide to fly away then I will get Rachel on the case, not only of booking my week away but of also arranging my date! I know that she loves it!




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