A review on the very lovely Kate

21 February 2018

This is a little longer than the reviews that I would normally write so I thought it best to email it in.

I have used Dior Escorts Agency on a number of occasions, I have wrote many reviews on the girls that I have seen – some posted on the site and others posted on sites like Punternet, I like posting my reviews.

Yesterday I saw a lady called Kate.

Kate is located in very close to Marble Arch tube station – I didn’t drive so am a little unsure of the parking arrangements in the area but am sure that you will find a local NCP although that will of course increase the total cost of the punt.

I have seen Kates profile on the website a few times, I wasn’t sure if I liked her photos there was something about the aeroplane that didn’t do it for me. After speaking with Rachael I decided that I would go and see her, this was of course after many phone call with me keep changing my mind, sometimes I do not know how Rachael deals with us all.

So, I had a little problem trying to find Kates place, I spoke with James, who told me exactly where it was! When you are looking for it, the door is not actually on that road but on the corner of the cross road, it is very simple to find once someone tells you – thanks James!

Walked into the building and it’s not great, it’s a little dirty and I thought that I would turn around not expecting much from Kates apartment. Well let me tell you! Her apartment is nothing like the rest of the building, it is beautiful!

Kate opened the door to me.

She is stunning, I like a GFE and ask that Kate be dressed normal upon my arrival, she was wearing knee high flat suede brown boots, very skin-tight jeans – showing off her arse perfectly, and a white shirt – unbuttoned just enough to show off a little too much bra!

We went into Kates bedroom, it is laid out lovely, her bed is massive!

I had a quick shower and went back into her room.

We started off kissing, her lips taste so sweet, and fell onto the bed.

Kate showed me what the perfect GFE should be like, everything that she done she took her time with, from undressing – she had on the most lovely and simple pure white CK underwear, her knickers showed of that perk bum of her perfectly, down to taking me in her mouth.

For the next 45 minutes I was treated just how a man should, to me this was one of the best times that I have had not only with a lady from Dior Escorts but from any lady anywhere.

Everything that Kate and I done was done with care and attention, she didn’t check her phone, she didn’t hurry me, I went over the hour but a short while but Kate didn’t push me.

If you are booking Kate you are booking a lady, I would of course like to see her again and I will be sending Rachael a little something for her recommendation.





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