Afternoon with Amira

10 October 2017

I am not going to lie to you, I wont tell you any fibs and I am not going to exaggerate but today was a good day, Ive been walking around with the biggest hard  on your could ever imagine and I want to share it all with you.

One of the hottest young escorts at Dior Escorts London is Amira, I have written about her many times and I know that there are lots of you guys and girls that have had the pleasure of her company. For those of you who have not then you are really missing out and should get on the phone and make the booking – yes we are still having problems with the phones so you need to call us on the Rachaels number.

So I had to pop in to see Amira in South Kensington, I love her apartment as it is always so warm and dark – the perfect romantic sitting.

Well, Amira opens the door and there she is, not naked, much better than that, Amira is there standing right in front of me bare foot, I love her sexy feet, they are very slim and she has the perfect toes, I love it when she teases my balls with her toes that is a real turn on!

Not only that she is really brown, I love a brunette with brown skin but she has the smallest pair of pj shorts on, real hot pant type shorts that just cover her fanny, you could just pull them to one side to be able to slip in, and that just sit on her bum cheeks just right, the front of her bending over in front of me right now is making it very hard to type this story out, I want to be there with her, can you imagine trying to write an article like this is the presence of one of the hottest escorts in London? I doubt very much that I would get any work done at all!

Even better she has a matching crop top on, showing off her perfect abs – strong abs in a lady is a turn on to me, I used to love the later 90s’ when the Spice Girls made crop tops big again!

The way that Amiras hair lays on her shoulders is a big plus point for me, in fact there isn’t anything that this girl does that doesn’t get me going!

What an afternoon I had, the perfect London escort looking after me, I only went round there for a cup of tea and ended up staying for ages! Love that, love my life!


A gorgeous London escort in black lingerie




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