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And then Rachael wrote a blog

23 April 2018

Anyone else caught out by the mini heat wave this weekend? Jeez! My bathroom hasn’t seen so much activity since last Summer…..hair removal, full exfoliation, moisturize, fake tan, buffing the tops of the arms, tightening gel for the thighs, quick paint of the toes because everyone else had the same idea and I couldn’t get booked in for a pedicure. I did, however, get the eyebrows reworked and tinted and my hair deep conditioned after its been in a messy bun for approx 5 months so was resembling Edward Scissorhands. I’m sure it was equal to 3 hours cardio; you’ll never know just how exhausting it is trying to look natural.

After the panic beauty bathroom buff and a good nights sleep, bloody needed it after all that parlava; I mean how gorgeous was this weekend? Lunch along the river drinks down the Kings Road with one of our most popular London Escorts, Lea before she went away for a few days and with the tiniest bit of window-shopping sandwiched between. Wedding season is almost upon us and I’ve got my first at the end of May but what to wear? As we haven’t a clue about weather do you chance it with a summer dress, or something more covered? I’m even thinking trousers, maybe a skinny tux with a lace slip vest? I know I’ve got to go and actually try pieces on but I had trying stuff on. Such a bloody faff when I know I’ll end up racing into Zara the day before and buying the whole sodding outfit from there, whilst praying to the Wedding Gods that no one else will be wearing the same dress. Talk about First World Problems. James keeps sending me screenshots of wildly inappropriate dresses that barely cover the arse and are, in my opinion, utterly see through. Christ knows what he is following on Instagram but I’d hedge a bet it isn’t #elegantdresses. We all know he’ll cop off with the bridesmaids anyway whilst I whip up a storm ala Beyoncé on the dance floor. A free bar would do that to the best of you I’m sure. Wish me luck on my outfit search; I think I’m going to need it.

Sunday was a perfect start. Brunch at one of my favourites in Knightsbridge with a girlfriend who was off to watch the London Marathon. Seeing the runners hobble down the stairs at London Bridge later that afternoon made me thank my lucky stars that I hate running with a passion. An amazing feat by them all, and I’m in utter awe but let's be honest FUCK THAT! Close friends and family have run over the years and the hell your body has to endure? I know I’ll always be the spectator on this one!

As London was utterly heaving I made my way to Canary Wharf and took a walk all along the river, it was utter bliss. Sunshine, water lapping at the banks, the hum of the everything in the distance and little ole me with a skinny iced latte with fat-free vanilla syrup just getting some headspace. Hard to do in London on marathon day but doable, and enjoyable. I’m thinking of setting up a RachelDior Instagram account. What do you think? James might stop pestering me for my one blog every 4 months (I’m such a shite employee!) if I kept you all up to date on that.  Could be interesting but considering all I do is eat, drink and fanny about through life, which is what we ALL do, although not everyone works at the greatest London Escorts agency huh? I’m not sure anyone would follow it! What would you like to see more of? Or hear about? I know we have readers all over the world so let me know and I’ll do my best but in the meantime, I’ve got a wedding outfit to find.




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