Another busy day

08 May 2018

Today I was out and about and that what this blog is all about, blogs are meant to be informative and I will try and be as much as i can, your not going to learn the most amazing things from these blogs of mine but you will learn about life in London and what its like to be the owner of a London escort agency.

I started my day off meeting Amy over in Warren Street, I am just that some of you reading this blog would know what this lovely blonde looks like, those who don’t go and check out her profile, there are many people out there who criticise escorts for photos shopping their photos and saying that the girls look nothing like them, well Amy looks amazing and to be honest when I was with her today she was wearing shorts and sliders, you can’t comment on a girl like her, she is simply beautiful.

After Amy I went to see Madeline, she has moved over to Edgware Road and wanted to show my her apartment, I love Madeline she is a great girl - I am not just talking about looks here, I mean attitude, the whole bundle with Madeline. Her new apartment is massive, it has lovely big high ceilings, I love a high ceiling, Madeline has a beautiful room and a lovely ensuite bathroom. Madeline is one of the hard-working escorts on this website, she also puts in a great deal of effort in the gym - hence why her body looks amazing.

For those of you who know how roasting it was today you won't be surprised at the number of times I stopped off for a drink today - I love a bottle of water and a coffee but told it was much needed. I love London in the sunshine, I am sure you have all read about this in my previous posts.

I do eat out a look, I know that much more than the average man and today was no different. I stopped at a place called Bo Lang, Draycott Avenue, had a bit of dim sum and meet up with one of my all-time favourite escorts, Daisy! I love this girls company not only does she look really good - her boobs looked great today in her sexy summer dress but also her feet looked really sexy too.  We had a couple of cocktails and were on our way.

Seems like a good day? Well it was busy and I wasn’t finished then, tonight I have got to go out, I am meeting with the guys who run our SEO division, it will be partly business and partly pleasure - well mostly pleasure!




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