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Black Friday? What is it all about

27 November 2017

In the past couple of days we have had……..

Black Friday – which although the names states that its just one day goes on for the weekend.

Cyber Monday – a continuation really of black Friday.

Which in truth are two ways that companies are trying to get the pub going on spending some money.

Well as a London escort agency owner, these days do not really help us, they draw our lovely clientele away from spending money with our ever so glamorous London escorts to go shopping with their families, to make them spend time with the wife, trawling around god knows how many shops, looking at the same things trying to get the best deals to save a few pounds here and there.

The truth be told….. Who in their right minds wants to do this?

I know that when I used to work in an office the last thing that I would have ever wanted to do after a hard day at work was walk around Boots, looking at box sets for the cleaner.

Perhaps that’s why I never got captured; I wasn’t going to have it.

To me the perfect wind down after work was heading over to one of the  any clubs where I was, and still am, a member, ordering a refreshing drink – if you class a large brandy and coke as refreshing, and ordering myself a very elegant and high class London escort for when I got home.

No way in the world was any one going to get me to do other wise.

Which is what brings me to my point!

Why do men want to spend this time crushed together, buying stuff that they don’t really need?

Lets have wanking Wednesday instead, that’s going to help you out so much more than the above two, that’s going to get more stress out of your system then saving the odd £20 or £30 here and there.

How about Fucking Friday? Now that is a plan, doesn’t even need to be on the lead up to Christmas, it doesn’t even need to be a Friday., lets have fucking any day and guess what? I really like the sound of that one. Any day fucking! Lets go for it.

So if you are in some need of some stress relief from spending your hard earned pennies on presents that you are going to spend to someone that you don’t like or perhaps that doesn’t like you! Then serve it and get booking yourself a London escort girls for your pleasure and yours only!




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