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Black tie event

19 October 2017

I’ve had a black tie event last Saturday. You’d thought I was getting married not just because I had the evening off from running London top escort agency!

I was debating to go all tight tux, no shirt and a bucket full of tit tape but after trying on long pretty dresses I decided, for once, to follow the herd. Something about slipping on an ankle length dress, zipping it up and feeling pretty much like a Princess that takes you back to when you used to dress up in your Mums discarded clothes when you were a kid. How you think you’ll look like All the time, like a proper grown up. Unfortunately, real life gets in the way of ankle length dresses and Jimmy Choo stiletto sandals.

Ive tried on numerous dresses, all pretty much the same but finally decided to go for the tightest, most flattering yet plainest black lace just so I can glam up with amazing jewelry. This obviously meant a new whatsapp group had to be set up between all my girlfriends with numerous pictures of gowns and poses for a full honest evaluation. Nails and toes were painted “Red Apple Red”, new extensions already in rollers ready for the clip in, eyebrows tinted and tidied, (to be fair, they were looking fierce....love love love), a sneaky sun bed before I had to fake tan, full hair removal from the eyebrows down and then finally having my make-up lady coming around before the do to get my face on. New jewelry, new lingerie, new shoes.....luckily I have dozens of bags so at least one aspect was covered! And we had a really good week at Dior Escorts Jeez! Just for a few hours! Love it, these evenings are just one of the things that’s great about being a girl.

I’ve also had the most gorgeous guy on my arm for the evening. Good ole James. Any excuse to get dressed up and spend the night surrounded by ladies whom have spent a week getting ready. Or that just may be me! Can tell I don’t get out much hey?!

It was a fabulous night. Central London hotel, a beautiful dinner, drinks flowing.....its just unfortunate it was wine. I’m such a cocktail girl. I seem to be able to hold myself a lot better, and longer with a mix of spirits. Give me bloody wine and i can guarantee i need a lay down within a couple of hours. Before needing a lay down I danced liked Beyoncé, raised the proceeds of the auction by being that annoying person and upping the bids.....Lady Luck shone down on me and I amazingly didn’t end up with a helicopter ride over London. Or a fishing holiday up in the Scottish lakes.

Ever the gentleman, James got me home, put me to bed with a promise of brunch and a glass of water. I do believe I left my apartment like Cinderella and came back looking like an ugly sister. Oh happy days!




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