Bournemouth Girls Agency

07 April 2013

Have you found yourself alone in the great City of Bournemouth, have you been visiting someone but there have had to shot off and your want some company are you and your partner on a romantic break and fancy adding a little spice to your night in this seaside town? If the answer to any of these is yes then use Dior Escorts to book your self a date in Bournemouth, as part of our expansion we have taken on a few girls in the area, of course only the best you wouldn’t expect any less from an agency such as ours.

If you have never visited the town before you will find Bournemouth on the South coast of England, not far from Poole and very close to the beautiful area of The New Forest, Bournemouth is part of the county of Dorset and has a very big university, on a clear day it is a great idea to hire a jetski and shot over to the Isle of Wright, which across the water is only about a twenty minute ride. This is a great adventure for you and even better if you take one of the Bournemouth escorts with you, these girls look great with their hair blowing in the wind.

Bournemouth University (BU) is actually located in Poole but has some out laying ground in Bournemouth its self allowing it to bear the name, it was formed in 1992 and has the motto “ to learn is to change”, the Uni has one of the best libraries in England and has won neuromas awards, some of our best escorts in Bournemouth have at one time studied here and are very intelligent young women. If you want to book an incall with a Bournemouth girl then these are one of the girls that you will be seeing, they all have lovely apartments and really spend a lot of time looking after themselves so that they can, in turn, look after you.

The Cameon Night Club,Firvale Road,BH1 2JA, is one of the cities best know and runs arrange of nights to suit every body, here you can enjoy student nights as well as very high class events, that’s the great thing about Bournemouth is in quite like London in the fact that there is such a mixture of people and we have the Bournemouth escorts to suit all types. Just visit Bournemouth Harbor, which is a great place to see the most expensive boats in the area and also is home to some very nice hotels, a perfect place to relax after you have moored up your Sunseeker and settled in with the Bournemouth girl of your dreams.

If you are a blonde or brunette escort in Bournemouth, if you are young or mature and want to appear of the Bournemouth escorts gallery then just a simple email will start the process, or alternatively you can use the on line recruitment form which appears at the top of the pages, this form doesn’t take long to fill out at all. Please be advised that we only work with girls whom have a professional portfolio and want to be the best at what they do.