Cockney Rhyming Slang

09 November 2012

There are many reason women like working as escorts in London. Of course, the city is busy, vibrant and exciting but it is also the home of the true gentleman, a true Cockney. There are many associations with the word Cockney but I can assure you we really are born and bred gentleman. There is an age-old saying that states that only those born within earshot of the Bow Bells are true Cockney and my friends, I was born with that sound rocking me off to sleep at night. The Bow Bells are in a church located on Bow Road in East London.

I meet up with two friends today who have travelled down from Manchester to spend a few days in London, after all, London is so much better than Manchester, why? Because we have such a great selection of London escort agencies! (Ok so that is not the real reason but that’s what I like to think). Anyways they were staying in the lovely area of Bayswater and I jumped on the tube to go over and see them. We met up for a coffee and were talking about all things London. Now, these Manchurians could not understand Cockney rhyming slang and I thought about it a little and I guessed that many of you from outside of London would struggle with it. In fact, anyone not born listening to the Bow Bells chime would struggle.

We bumped into one of the girls called Buffy from the agency and I thought I’d get her opinion on the situation. She put my friend’s right in their place by stating not only did she love when bookings came in from Cockney men, but she would actually love to find a Cockney gent for her personal life. She told us that they always take her to the nicest places, swanky restaurants and 5* hotels, but they also paid her the best compliments and always stayed consistently respectful. It did make us all laugh when she said there were times she had been involved in conversations that had confused her so much because Cockney rhyming slang had been used.

How you Could Communicate With our Escorts

I thought that I would help you want to be “mockneys” out a little here, yes Guy Richie you included, and give you a breakdown of some of the more commonly used Cockney phrases.



Mince Pies


Apple and Pears


OXO cube

Tube/London Underground



Dog and Bone


Trouble and Strife


Plates of Meat


Battle Cruiser

Boozer (Pub)



On Your Tod

On Your Own

More of an Explanation About Cockney Rhyming Slang

I am not ever going to try and explain most of these to you and please do not use the full terms you will sound like you should be in a Guy Richie film, it is a language all on its own which has changed over the years. First brought in by cocky thieves and spoken in pubs in and around East London, rhyming slang was used as code for people to speak freely without the fear of the police eavesdropping on them. Today, this is far from the case because the language has been so widely used and is more to paint the picture of a “cheeky chappy” from London, most people now who call them self’s cockney are not even from the Eastend. One of the funniest things I have ever heard is Rachael who said, and this is true, “I am off to the battle for a glass of champagne”, now in Rachael’s case the “battle” does not refer to the local pub at the end of the road but more like the wine bar in Sloane Square where her and Christine meet you and talk about yours truly.

Anyways I must now “have it on my toes because I am in egg and bacon with ‘er indoors (Rachael in the office) over someone calling her a right James blunt because she dropped my char all over their ones and twos in Costa Coffee”

Bake potatoes. 




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