Escort agency or not

25 March 2018

“Why go to an escort agency when you are looking to book an escort when you can simply search the world wide web (that sounds really old fashion now when you say that – we all now just say “Google it”) and find an independent?”

I was asked this the other day and thought that I would base this week’s blog on that.

I could spend a day and a week telling you all the hardships that go along with trying to make a booking with an independent escort but I don’t like looking at the negative and plus if I were to do that you would think that I was picking up the bad – we don’t work that way.

So what I thought that I would do is tell you about the plus points of using an agency, why you should book, it’s a simple article and us rubbing our own backs – someone’s got to do it.

Firstly; your call will always be answered, our telephone lines are manned by our reception team and not a working escort, we are open 7 days a week from 10 am – 1 am Monday to Saturday and 11 am until 11 pm Sundays. This is the girl's job, they have not anything to worry about, no other work, our reception team is run in a very professional manner, text messages are sent to confirm the bookings with all the details and a link to the website to place a review.

The choice of beautiful ladies; well with just one number you are opening yourself up to over 100 of the finest escorts in the whole of the world, not just London escorts which is a bigger enough reason in its self! If you check through our gallery you will see that the choice of stunners ranges from £150, for a 1-hour incall, all the way up to £600, so no matter what your budget is it is covered here. The reception team, Rachael, in particular, know across the four corners of the world as the lady with the sexiest voice, know the girls so well and can point you in the right direction should you have a problem in making your choice, an honest and informative option can help you make a choice so much quicker, also tell Rachael what you are looking for and she will know which girls for you to look at.

Great blogs to read; that one is rubbing my own back, you see not only do we showcase a great many beautiful sexy female London escorts but you also have so much to read, our blogs cover everything from the latest in men’s fashion – I love a pair of shoes and a man bag, to the weather and how much we hate the cold! Also, we do occasionally write something about some of the girls just to let you know what’s happening in the world of escorts.

Perhaps I have convinced you, I haven’t over tried too hard, after all our clients that use us know the service that we give and they come back, “happy as Larry”, so if you would like to go ahead and search the Net for a random lady go ahead we look forward to taking you call about 10 minutes after you start.




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