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05 January 2013

Escorting, as with many other professions, has many different levels. There are some women who offer every day, basic and cheap services but there are also those who are there to satisfy those wanting something a bit higher class. When you first think of these escorts you may well think that you would have to pay an arm and leg to be able to get anywhere near to the top. However, there are some women who choose to offer high class services at prices which could potentially suit the every-day man. Dior Escorts has a range of women who offer services from OWO to full-blown BDSM, as an agency they offer one of the widest varieties of women and services in London. Many agencies misuse the term ‘high class’ but Dior most definitely do not. Value for money and beautiful women are just two of the things that they believe makes better business. 

There are many women working for Dior who have excellent reputations, not just for pleasing their customers but for also being able to do what they stated they would in the first place. This, I think, is what makes a high class escort what she is. There is no point saying you will fulfil a clients every want and need then deciding that actually it doesn’t suit you to do so. High class escorts know what they’re doing and how they are going to go about it. Not to say that other escorts don’t, but these have it on point. 



This here is Chardonnay. She can be booked through Dior for as little as £600 per 1hr (incall). She originates from Europe and currently resides close to Gloucester Road Tube station. Just let her immaculate, toned body catch your eye and her sexy accent draw you in whilst you spend time either relaxing in her apartment or enjoying life out in the City. 

A recent online review stated that ‘Chardonnay knew exactly what she was doing and looked every bit the part when she came to meet [the customer] at [the customers] hotel. [The customer] had asked for some specific acts to be performed to live out some sexual fantasies and she more than delivered. A* experience and will definitely be booking again’



If you’re looking for something, or someone, a bit fiercer then Manuella is your woman. Coming all the way from Brazil, she oozes passion and fierceness. At 23 years of age, she offers services such as ALevel and Couples with prices starting at £600 per 1hr (incall) before any additions. 

Previous customers have made it known that Manuella did more than they expected. Her South American body and charm takes you by surprise and leaves you wanting more.



If £600 per hr is a step above what you are looking to pay for your experience then why not try one of the slightly less expensive women available through Dior. For £300, Queenie can be booked for a 1-hour incall with the option to add any other services for a fee. 

Her ridiculously hot body consists of a 24-inch waist, 34-inch hips and natural 34D chest. As you can see from her picture she looks the part in a lace underwear set and can often be found taking time out to make sure her body looks as good as it could. 

Dating some high class escorts would be like spending time with one of London’s famous IT girls, no we are not talking about Information Technology, we are talking about the young and rich ladies that were much talked about in the 1990’s and early noughties, girls like Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, so rich you couldn’t believe it. They partied all the time and were legendary for their sexual escapades. Even former Wonderbra model Sophie Anderton admitted being a high-class escort, who used to charge £15000 per hour. Now, my friends, that does seem a little high, compare her, at the time she was escorting – time has been hard with the once beautiful model, for £15000 per hour against Queenie at £300 for a 1-hour incall. There is no decision to make here; it has to be Queenie all the time. 

Writing about Sophie Anderton escorting has given me a new idea for some articles, would you guys and girls out there who are so interested in reading the latest Dior High Class Escorts blog be fascinated by other famous people who have also escorted? Wouldn’t it be nice to know which girls have put on the high class escorts high heeled shoes and headed out to entertain the people of London? I know that I am! 




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