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22 June 2016

I thought that it had been such a while since I last posted an article on the website and thought now was about the right time, I can remember a time when I posted one at least once a week – I promise to you all that I will get back into the thing of posting articles time and time again, I kwon – because a few of you have said when you have called up Dior Escorts hotline, at just how much it is that you love reading them. It also happens that fresh content on a website is also very good for your Google ranking because the Google algos’ love nice new content.

So this just lead me nicely onto my subject – anyone would have thought that I had planned that!

The Dior Escorts London website has had a revamped, in fact we have gone one more than that and had a completely new website designed for us with new features, and although we have keep the same colours, a completely new look I hope that you all like this.

Like anything in the world of Google, the internet and ranking in the search results our brand new website hasn’t helped our ranking greatly. Google takes its time to find anything better what you have done – do something bad and its right on it do something good and well……….. you could be waiting a very long time.

So the new website along with the new CMS ( content management system) has caused us a few problems, in turn it has caused me a few sleepless nights!

All our URLS have changed, the new systems generates these in a completely new way, so guess what happened? New URLS mean the old ones that were ranking so well completely disappear and guess what?? The Dior Escorts London website lost nearly al its Google rankings.

OK, so maybe I am going over the top there but it lost nearly 50% of it which might as well be everything, because when you look at your Google master and your site just shows a huge big drop then your heart falls into your belly – belive me that is not a very nice feeling.

But now the good part……….

We have started to come back, the number of clicks that the escorts website gets every day is on the up, the number of impressions has sky rocketed and we are back smashing it!

I hope that you all like the new site and that you have had a really good look around, seen some of the lovely new escorts that we have added and some of the great old – not old as in old but as in been with us a while- faces that are so well known




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