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Its James

02 September 2017

Hello all, I am pleased that you have reached our website, my name is James and I am the owner of this London escort agency! Yes that’s right I am still a real person, I have written blogs on this subject before and yet some people still believe that I am not real, Rachael gets ask the question all the time “Is James real?” “Is there really a James?” Well my friends the answer is yes! Many of you have spoken with me, some of you have even had the pleasure of meeting up with me and a few of you have even cyber stalked me! Its true, searches for my Linkdin profile, people checking out this site load of different ways and here I sit at my computer, still writing blogs for the Dior Escorts London website, still adding all our lovely young ladies, still meeting each and every one to ensure that they meet up to the standards that all of you have become a costumed to……. True we do not have as many escorts as some of the other escort agencies, true we rarely work with English escorts – I think that some of you will know the reason of this without me having to go into details, but the girls that you will find on our site are really really good girls, they are lovely, they are the best looking and have the most amazing attitudes, after all isn’t that what we are all looking for? Seeing a beautiful and stunning woman who works like a robot takes all the fun out of a date with a true London escort!

Would you like to know a little about me? Would you like to know more about the man who owns one of the most well-known escort agencies in London, then just read back through the blogs and the news, I have always kept this site updated, it’s my pet project, I love Dior Escorts as much as the next man. When I started this escort agency it was a play thing, something to keep me amused through my early retirement, and am still very young, but has gone into something huge something that is still going and will continue to grow. I am very pleased to say that we have hit page 1 of Google for the keyword term “London Escorts” something that has taken us a long time to get to, the team have worked hard in doing o and made sure that this was done using purely “white hat” techniques and once there we would stay. No new domain names and restarting for us.

I hope that you like what we have brought you, I hope that you enjoy using our service, I hope that Rachael – the best escort agency receptionist in the whole of London, last night I was told that she was the best in the world!, is doing you right and steering you in the right direction but most of all I hope that you are having fun with our sexy ladies and that we hear from you over and over again because you want to be served by the best




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