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James and the woman he wants

04 September 2017

For this week’s blog, I thought that I would take a slightly different angle, normally I tell you what’s been going on at Dior Escorts and what our fantastic London escorts have been up to, this week I thought that I would tell you what I have been up to, not the boring stuff either the good stuff.

Where should I start?

I know, let me take you back to last Saturday night.

Some friends and I were going out, I have a very good group of friends, a close circle, this is the group that know I own a escort agency. I meet some of these friends through work – my old job, and some though being out and about in London.

We drink in a few of the old haunts in Kings Road, not too far from where we all live, its very easy and very nice, a great class of people, no problems and always load and loads of women. That’s what I look for on a night out, I hardly drink alcohol just the odd glass here and there, I am always on call in case Rachael needs me – you never know if there could be a problem with our London escort agency website!

So we head out, I’m smart casual, nice pair of jeans – a little to skinny for some’s liking but they look good on me, really show off my arse, suede loafers and no socks, shirt untucked – don’t want to be too formal, sleeves rolled up just enough to show off my brand new AP! We arrive at the bar, get shown to our booth and the night starts, the waitress is our usual girl – I like things to stay the same, apart from the women I sleep with.

Within minutes’ eyes are on us, it happens, you get used to it, it takes some time but then it’s a little fun.

I am going to skip quite a bit of the story here because I know that you want to crack on to the good stuff and then get booking yourself a escort girl – might be a good idea to call Rachael arrange your booking and then continue reading?

So this brunette stands out in the crowd to me, she has been throwing me looks for a while, not desperate “I want to get over there look” but “ I wonder who these people are looks” can’t blame her, I never seen this little sort before. I find myself looking at her more than what she is looking at me, that’s not normal, normally they are queuing up to get in the booth, she isn’t?

I send her a drink over, well her group, I like to me an impression, “bottle of LPR for the girls over there please”, I nod as they raise their glasses to me, I want this brunette, badly, the more that she is avoiding eye contact the more I am drawn to her, I want to spend the rest of the night with her, I want to take her for breakfast tomorrow! Truth is after that I will probably be done, she will be ghosted but at least I am thinking about her being there to the next morning, for London’s top escort agency owner that’s a long time, that’s a life time, the longest relationship I’ve had in years.

AM I forward thinking a little too much here? Will she even talk to me? Will she ENNTERTAIN me? Curse she will. My dark god looks will pay dividends, they always do! I don’t lose!

I am not going over to her, that’s not the way it works, perhaps tonight it’s the only way its going to work?????? She hasn’t moved, she hasn’t made eye contact but yet she accepted my drink – must be interested!

Fuck it!!!
I’m going!!!

I’m not letting this stunning beauty get away from me! I want her! I want her in my bed! And what I want I always get! That’s the way it works…………..

Continue reading the story on our next blog post – see you soon!! 




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