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02 September 2013

The lucky few of you whom follower Dior will know that I have just recently returned from Jersey (depending on when you are reading this), I had a great few days on the Island – a long weekend and of course was accompanied by one of my lovely girls. I have never been to Jersey and I have to say that I was completely shocked at what I came across, I did not really know what I was to expect, it was completely alien to me, I had heard many things about Jersey, some good, some bad but thought that either way it would be an experience, if I liked it great, I could go out and enjoy, if not then I could just shut the door of the hotel room and stay in bed for four days enjoying my time with my escort in Jersey.

Jersey is a small Island located a few miles off of the coast of France, it is very tiny with a population of under 100000, made up of British, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Eastern Europeans the Capital – Saint Helier is located on the south of the island with views over looking France. Classed as one of the Channel Islands Jersey basically rules its self even though it using the pound and they will quite happily trade with it the local currency is the Jersey pound.

The hotel which I stayed at was is called The Grand and is located at Esplanade, Saint Helier, JE2 3QA this place deserves the five stars that it has, basically it is amazing and the must go place on the island. Let me tell you a little something about the bar – WOW, decked out like a London nightclub with a cocktail list as long as your arm, all the bar staff really know their business and will go that extra mile to serve you what you want. Fancy a bite to eat during the day then retire to the outside terrace, under one of the many parasols and on one of the oversize sofas, here you will be waited on hand and foot by a group of amazing staff (am I doing well here singing their praises?). The Grand is the perfect place to entertain and I am sure that while I was there I came across some girls, who were Jersey s, very high class I might add.

Now if you are reading this and thinking about booking some time with a female Jersey escort then give us a call and we will do our best to arrange for you.

The shame of the fact is that a customer in Jersey has recently ripped us off, one of the reception team was victim to a confidence trickster and that in turn wasted a whole day of one of our lovely ladies, it is such a shame that people feel the end to do such things and the fact that makes it worst is that he was not very nice about the lovely young lady when she arrived there. I will not to able to go in to full matters here, I am sure that you can under stand this, but I would just like to point out the fact that now unfortunately all international travel must be paid in full before the lady will leave her home – we used to operate a deposit policy but this is no longer the case. For those of you whom have used us before and still enjoy doing so I extend my apologies but this applies to everybody 




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