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10 June 2018

Escorting is one of the most prominent growing industries in the world and with a negative stigma which is slowly disintegrating with the years the act of hiring an escort or even working as one is becoming far more respected.

As the world is turned on to how hard-working and dedicated escorts are we in the industry work to maintain those standards people expect of us. Incredibly beautiful women catering to all kinds of fetishes and preferences in a wide variety of ranges Dior Escorts is more than an escorting agency, too many it is the go-to company for their fantasies.

What Do We Do

Amongst the London escorts galleries on our website you will find numerous beautiful women who have been vetted by our recruitment team and to make sure that they will be capable of working for us and meeting our high standards, no matter if they are a cheap escort or a high-class escort.

Our agency values both the girl's safety and its customer's satisfaction in earning us a serious reputation for providing the best services.

How We Operate

Like many escort agencies, our methods of operation aim to be as simple and straightforward as possible. It's literally as simple as picking up the phone. One of our members of staff will go through a screening process to get basic information about you should we need to contact you or inform you of anything, or vice versa. The screening process isn't just for us to be nosy and find out about your life, it's also an opportunity for you to learn about us, how the industry operates and maybe a little bit about what's expected of you. Our opening hours are from 10 am to 1 am and whether you're looking for a blonde, brunette, mature or anything else, we've got you covered.

What is Screening?

Don't be alarmed by the screening process. It's simply a process over the phone to ensure the safety of our professionals as well as to make sure you as a customer receive exactly what you're searching for and to make sure you end up with the right escort to satisfy you. During the screening process, you will be asked about your full name, age and location. Some screening processes are more thorough than others and this could also depend if you are a first-time caller or not.

Some screening processes may require you to provide annual income information and current employment history as this will help the agency (us) decide if you are eligible enough and that the booking is worth it for both parties. This information, if provided quickly by you is also a quick process and soon as you're done answering a few questions you can then move onto booking the woman of your dreams.

So when you are feeling blue or just need a little me time, pick up the phone and call us. That way we arrange to have all your stress relieved and to help put a colourful tint your day.




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