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11 September 2017

I should say that I am a little pleased with just how our Twitter account is preforming, @diorescorts, there are not a lot o escort agencies in London with a better one, we have over 12000 followers, our account is updated every day, more than once, it is an important part of our lives here at Dior Escorts.

You see not only do with post pictures of our lovely London escorts on our account – and give you links to their profile pages, we also keep you updated with what’s going on in London – really handy!

So, last week I set up two polls on Twitter, the polls are kind of a new thing and they are really interesting. What I thought I would post is;

Do men really like going down on woman?

Do woman really like going down on men?

Foreplay and oral sex are an important part of any couple’s sex life, I mean without them you can’t really say that you have a sexy life. I was surprised at the outcome. More men said that they enjoyed going down on ladies then ladies going down on men. Now I am not saying that I thought that every woman you voted was going to say that “ I love giving head” “ it’s all that I live for” “it’s my life” No, we all know that  blowjobs lack in many couples relationships, one of the reasons that so many men love seeing London escorts, no what surprised me where the amount of men whom said that they like going down on the ladies.

I am going to be honest with you, I love to go down on woman, foreplay and oral to me are what sexy time is all about, I could happily spend all evening bringing a lady off, tongue, fingers toys the whole lot, its lovely to do, to watch as a lady cums is a joy to me, it’s part of what sex is all about, it’s about both having fun and both enjoying the time. I am not saying that I don’t love a blowjob as much as the next man, perhaps a little licking of the balls or even a little further around! It’s all part of the giving and taking of a fulfilling and enjoyable sexual relationship – a lasting sexual relationship!

And those polls on our Twitter account proved it, figures don’t lie also neither do London escort agency owners J

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this little blog, I hope that you leave here with a different view of oral sex, that once you have read this you give your man / lady a night that they will remember and that your tongue doesn’t fall off!




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