24 July 2014

Ideas for giving you good content and interesting things to read all come from my head, yes I am the one that writes what you read when you are looking to book an escort. People enjoy reading it because what I write is true and what better read is there then something that has really happened to someone and what is going on now.

So here it is for you, last week I had to go and visit Madi, you have all seen her, she is that very beautiful and sexy brunette escort based over in Sloane Avenue, unlike many of the girls in that area she has a very large apartment.

I have got to say that Madi is a little bit unreal, unless you have seen her before, in real life, you are going to struggle at just how beautiful she is, its true, she is one escort who really does look like her photos, its like there has been no photoshopping at all. If you have never used Dior Escorts before then please believe that we do not allow girls to display their pictures if you wouldn’t recognize them in real life, we understand the idea but photoshopping but still believe that there shouldn’t be too much of it.

I can not explain to you using simple words at the idea of just how amazing this young lady looks, the other day she opened the door to me in the tiniest of hotpants, flipflops and nothing else. OMG what a sight, everything about her, even her toes, is amazing; anybody that is lucky enough to spend an hour with this sexy babe is one lucky man or woman. The first thing that Madi ask as I came in after I had picked my tongue up off the floor, was would I like a drink or perhaps something to eat. Madi is just so lovely, there is nothing more than you are ever going to want, she is very opened minded and so friendly, she speaks perfect English, of course, we an accent, but it is nearly floorless.

Madi is £150 for one hour incall, a complete steal, a couple of bottles of wine in a bar will cost you more and what is going to give you more fun? I know with a ladylike Madi you and never going to wake up with a headache.

It is escorts like Madi that make seeing escorts so much fun, there are a lot of girls out there who should take note of what these lovely ladies do, they may learn something, of course, the other girls at Dior Escorts are in her league already – that is why they are appearing on our site.

If you are really serious about booking an escort, even if it is not in Kensington, then you will find the very top on our website.




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