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Mixed race escorts

15 February 2016

The way that we are all mixing together these days is really amazing, it seems that the world is uniting and it is great, it is with this explosion of races mixing that we are seeing the more and more mixed race girls.

Lets take a look at this for a minute and lets just put a little bit of a spin on it, because we should pay close attention.

First what is a mixed race (biracial) lady? A mixed race lady is a lady whom has parents from different ethnic back grounds, of course there are men who are mixed race but as you are probably well aware this is a female escorting site so we very rarely talk about men.

Why do we all find mixed race escorts in London so attractive? I can only talk from my point of view here, but I think that this good be a good case in point which applies to a great number of men, I just love the dark skin and thick black hair that these girls have, it is so lovely, most of these ladies have the most beautiful eyes as well, beautiful eyes mean a great deal to me, they say that the eyes are the windows to the soul – I hope so and I hope that the girls soul is a beautiful as her outsides.

The shame of the matter is the fact that there are not a lot of mixed race escorts in London, it is such a let down and you do really have to search far and wide to find a lady, especially a very nice lady, one who lives up to the standards of what you expect.

A list of very beautiful ladies is; Halle Berry, Leona Lewis, Karyn Parson – this was the very lovely lady who starred in Fresh Prince of Bel Air as Hilary Banks and how could we forget Mariah Carey ( she is mixed black and white from Irish decent), such the Internet and see how many beautiful biracial ladies that you can find, I think that you will be surprised not just how many celebrities are but also the amount of normal every day women.

What we really do need though is one of these ladies to try their hand at being an escort, this would give us such a better selection to choose from.




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