My Last Blog was Telling You About My Favourite Hotel

16 April 2018

My last blog was telling you about my favourite hotel, I have spoken about my favourite places to shop also so this week I thought that I would tell you about one of my favourite places to eat.
I like this restaurant, I have done for years, the first time I went there I didn’t even own this London escort agency, now I am in there at least twice a week, for lunch or dinner and I know that a few of our beautiful ladies love it there also.
The place that I am going to tell you about today is; Hakkasan Mayfair, 17 Bruton Street, W1J 6QB, its one of those Pan Asian type of places, very similar to Novikov – which is only around the corner but, to be perfectly honest with you, I prefer it here! I will tell you a few of the reasons why in a short while and then when you visit you can make up your open mind with regards to it!

My Time With Candy

The last time that I visit my favourite eating spot was this Friday afternoon just went, I took with me Candy – she is a very short, 5ft1 or should I say petite, blonde who is lovely! I really do enjoy her company.This restaurant is buzzing, you get the “vibe” as soon as you walk through the door, you are greeted by some of the best looking ladies in London, you walk into the reception area and it’s alive, The place is decked out like you have never seen, it is the best of the best. On the ground floor is the bar area, as well as part of the restaurant,  I love the bar here, it’s a great place to go and just have a drink, of course, I never change what I drink no matter where I go – Malibu and Diet Coke for me all the way.

When you sit down to eat you will see why this is the place for me, Hakkasan is home to the best Dim sum that I have anywhere in the world! I also love the lobster there and Candy loves a cocktail. What makes it better for me than Novikov? It’s the atmosphere, there is just something about this place, perhaps it’s the staff, I have never met such friendly people as there are here in this restaurant, and the attention to detail is outstanding. If you get the chance to eat in the private dining area snap it up, this is located at the back of the restaurant on the basement level. The food is the same as the main area but you are served by your own team, they are there just for your party which makes it great, every whim is catered for and you will love it. The area its self it quite small, so you don’t lose the members of your party, also it does make you feel pretty damn special.I have dinned here during the week and weekends, during the day and at night also, each and everytime it has been great, each and every time I London escort I have taken with me has loved it.





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