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News in the last couple of Weeks

27 June 2017

The past couple of weeks have been pretty hard hitting, Manchester, London Bridge and now the fire at Grenfell have all stood out, add to that the other terrorist attack in March – Westminster Bridge, and you can see what is really going to stand out when the newspapers print there end of year additions.

I am not going to take the easier cheap route and mention that booking a London escort will take your mind off things, because in truth it won’t! I very much doubt that there is anything that we remove from the minds of any one these terrible events.

Will we ever be able to stop these types of horrendous attacks and events? I doubt it, the world has always had bad people in it the great thing about the world we live in though is the fact that the good will always out number the bad and that is why civilisation as we know it will carry on. Look what Hitler did during World War 2 and we come out of that, you can never stop or quash people’s ideas you just ride them out and fight the good fight.

Most of the escorts on our gallery are from Eastern Europe, ripped apart by the war and just look at them, the hottest ladies that the world has ever seen.

Reconnected through social media

The more that I write on, the more that I look at social media the more that I love the world, you can’t tell me what to do, woman are our equals – I personally love the company of woman, I think that they are great, never would I want to see them as second rate, never would I want them to walk steps behind me. I love having a beautiful woman at my side, in our free world, in our country! Again another reason why people from all over the world flock to our beautiful little island in the sea! This country is home to so many races and creeds, so many nationalities call the UK home.

You can’t look down at any of our London escort ladies, they have amazing jobs, these girls work very hard to make so many of us happy and that fact I love also. Extremists are just that! They are extreme they do not represent the thoughts or ideas of a hole religion!

London is the place I Love

I love London and nothing more nor will anyone ever keep me from of it, it draws me like no other city in the world and I am certain that it does the same to so many of you across the world and that is not only just the reason that you visit but choose to stay.

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