Sexiest place to stay in London

30 March 2018

I get to go some pretty astounding places, after all I own the very finest escort agency in London with some of the top girls and get invited, by them, to loads of great establishments.

I visit all the best hotels in London, I may have lunch there, I may just be there for a drink I may even stay there for the evening, although I do live in Chelsea I take great pleasure in staying in the hotels that are just around the corner from me. Why? Because I love a hotel, I love the service that you get from the London hotels, in fact I do not think that any other City in the world does service as great as we here in London do!

So what would be my favourite hotel?

This is the motive for my article, I was lying in bed last night with Lottie, she is a beautiful brunette escort who is based in South Kensington if you have had the pleasure of spending some time with Lottie you will know how great she is and talking about it!

The Mayfair Hotel – Stratton Street W1J 8LT – 020 7769 4041.

That’s my favourite hotel, to me every single thing about it jumps out and even Lottie said that it’s the best place to go and do an outcall, the people there are always so nice!
I love a little day time drink in the Mayfair Bar, its great, there is something just so sexy about the place, I know that its lavish – I don’t live in another world, but you are really going to enjoy it here, I drink the same drink no matter where I go or whom I go with a Disaronno and Diet Coke, I do think it sexy if the lady I am with starts off with a glass of champagne before moving onto a cocktail, can you see why I think it is sexy to have a day time drink now?

When staying at the Mayfair Hotel I always book myself a suite, the rooms there are fantastic however I do love to push that extra little bit and having a sofa in the room always leads to some extra fun. A real turn-on for me is sitting on a sofa having a drink while a sexy lady dances in front of me! Hence why I like the suites! If you can only stretch to a “normal” room you will not be disappointed.

For the evening

A small bite to eat in the Mayfair Kitchen is advisable, really good well-prepared food that always arrives at your table fresh, the small plates are really a bit of me, I know for a fact that Rachael loves dinning here as well – perhaps I should try and get her up to my room next time!

So there you have it my favourite place to stay in London, of course if you are staying here then the choice escorts to visit you is out of this world and you can only have the very best.




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