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Smelling good

05 December 2017

Anyone else utterly sick of Black Friday? It isn’t even here yet and my inbox has been totally chocca this week full of every shop I’ve ever been stupid enough to leave my email address and whilst I’m on my soap box, its Black FRIDAY.

Not Black Monday through to Thursday, and then an even Blacker Friday. Pisses me off. Especially as I completely forgot about BF and went shopping last week. Annoyed myself quite fiercely this afternoon!

So how is the Christmas shopping going? I’m nearly done. Smug cow. Just a few little bits to finish off and then I need to keep right away from the shops, and anything online requiring my credit card details. I got to Harrods this week but spent most my time on the 6th floor, Salon de Parfums. So well looked after and cannot wait to go back and finalise my scent of 2018.

Perfume is a very personal thing don’t you think? I have a bottle of Estée Lauder Pleasures, which I wore throughout the nineties, on my bathroom shelf. Spritzing that bottle really does hold some wonderful memories, and even though I’d never buy a bottle myself (a Friend bought it for my Birthday, she smelt it on someone a few months before and was immediately taken back to me when I used to douse myself in it). I have a few firm favourites....Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Tom Ford Costa Azzurra and more recently, James gifted me a bottle of Creed....think it was Aventus. Love how it lingers, in fact if i take a deep breath its still on my scarf from last week. So gorgeous.

Our beautifully smelling Dior Escorts have excellent taste. Sophi at South Kensington and Pamela at Gloucester Road just mentioned Kilian (Pamela particularly loves Prelude To Love), Poppy and Kim both like Miss Dior (no pun intended!) and Elisa is all about Chanel no5....classic and popular, just like her. Daisy has just mentioned she likes Bond No9 Rubi.....now I NEE

I’ll be back into Harrods in the next couple of weeks so will let you know on what I decide. So many options and not enough nostrils to smell them all without sneezing!! And we’ve all got to remember we’ll all end up with a few rogue bottles of random perfume for Christmas. Always a worry!! 




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