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So today.......

10 October 2017

I was told today that there are a few escorts in London who are not happy that they have not made the cut to be featured on our website, they have said that they are on other websites and why do we not take them?

Well here is the truth, we may not have the largest number of escorts of all the agencies in London but our girls, we mainly work for Eastern European ladies, are the best of what they do. We do have a selection of other European escorts but we no longer have any English escorts on our site. You may now ask why we call ourselves an English escort Agency in the title of our website, well we are English owned and operated, Rachael is our receptionist and has been now for a number of years, there was also once another girl called Sera but she found that manning the phone eat far too much into her time as an escort, she was very god and regarded as one of the most naughty in her field – she like to tie people up outside of work, that was her thing! I bet is was a great feeling being at her mercy, especially when she left you there while she went off and organised a booking for another of the London escorts on the site, it was a shame to lose her but Rachael has really charged ahead with the phones. Unlike most of the escorts my relationship with her is purely protonic and has never strayed into the bedroom although I am sure that she would like to “sample the goods” . I know that there are a few of our clients who have tried to convince her to go out on a date but she has not relented, business and social are to be kept separate or so she tells me – oh well I do have another 100 or so ladies to choose from.

All escorts pictures are photo shopped – you don’t need to be a genius to work that one out, nearly all the pictures we see in magazines are as well, at the time of the photography season the girls have under professional gone hair and make-up so yes there is going to be a difference but we will not take a girl onto our website who looks nothing like her photos, we will also not work will unhappy London escorts – unless its Kennice , just because she is purely so stunning!

If you want to upload your details then head over to the recruitment page, everything you need to know is on there, if you want ot drop us a call then please do so.




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