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14 February 2016

Just lately Stratford has come to the forefront of people’s minds because of the fact that it was host to the London Olympics 2012, let’s be honest most of the world didn’t know that the area existed until it was announced that the Games would be held there and this is such a shame because Stratford has a great history here in London, it is also home to many different cultures and also a great deal of business.  The postcode for Stratford is E15 and you may have came by the way of this site for Googling E15 escorts, most of the Stratford escorts are located in and around Stratford High Street but be warned the traffic there is a complete and utter nightmare, it has been known to take a couple of hours to drive the length of this road in rush hour times and that is just with the weight of traffic add an accident to that or a breakdown and you could loss most of your day just sitting there. That is why we would recommend that you use the London underground when visiting one of our girls for an incall date in Stratford, the closest tube station is Stratford which is served by the Central and Jubilee lines, also, it is not often we mention this but, you can also take the DLR to get to our Stratford escorts as the DLR is very popular in this part of London. There are many places to grab a bite to eat or a drink when you are on a night out in Stratford as so many have flocked there due to its closeness to The City of London, you would also be pleased to know that even though prices there are quite high the cost of living is so much cheaper than close to the City – another reason why it popularity has soured.

Since the Olympics have been and gone, I think we would all have to agree that they did not have the impact on the business’s in London like it was though, at one time hotels rooms were advertise for triple the normal rate, it was only when the games started and they were have empty did people relies that they had pushed the boat to far! Statford has become known more for Westfield Shopping Center, the East London version, although the place is a complete and utter nightmare to get into, I would much rather travel out of London to either Bluewater or Lakeside




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