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This summer

14 September 2017

Blimey its been a long time since I wrote a blog post on our escort website…..about time I rectified that! But what to write about? 

Oh I know. This will make you chuckle.

My Iphone was playing up treat and after numerous phone calls to Apple I gave up and went in store to see the friendly guys in there. Was only in there for TWO HOURS!! Jesus wept.

However, Apple Guy had to take my phone and reboot but whilst he was fannying about, all my emails beeped up, as they do. Bloody iPhones. Didn’t have this problem with a Nokia 6210. 

I had recently ordered a new box of tricks from my favourite, Love Honey, but used my normal, linked to my phone, email address. Schoolgirl error. 

Should of seen Apple Guys eyebrows rise, almost into his hairline, when Bonnie from Love Honey sent me an email entitled “How To Spank…..Properly” Pffffft. I may of muttered something about its always good to take a refresher on these type of things. Apple Guy just took my phone to reset the bastard thing. 20 minutes later, he brings my phone back with it beeping constantly. Shame it was one of my Girlfriends describing her latest threeway. She got spunk in her eye and was blinded but kept going. What a trooper. 

Apple Guy did say to bring it back if I had any more difficulty. I’m sure he half winked at me.

I’m going to have to go to a different store next time. I fear I may of been judged. 

So did I mention LoveHoney? I love this company. I remember watching a programme about the guys who started it and made it my favourite website, they’ve got blogs, honest reviews and constant deals. And I love the “mystery” box….always a great surprise…you pay the £40 (I think!) and you get a box of toys. Saves so much fuss and I can’t recommend highly enough. Great lace catsuits, my favourite choice and always new stock. And of course, emails on how to spank really make my day. Keep doing what your doing LH!

Apologies this is just a quick one but I’ll get back on the blogging bus and you’ll be hearing all about our news, and new girls. Ive got some new favourites!




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