This week is half term

13 February 2018

The half term holidays are in full swing and do you know what that means??? Everything escort agency and escort in London is going to be dead! The telephone will just not ring this week, no point in stringing it out, that’s just the way that it goes when you own an escort agency and we should all be used to it by now!

So what does that mean now that the school holidays are kicking off – well let me tell you! The tube stations in London are packed, jam packed with screaming kids, I got on the tube at South Kensington yesterday and the station was mobbed, I know that tube stations get busy around 4-630pm, I’ve work in London all my life but come the school holidays and they are a nightmare all day. You know a tube station is busy when they are staff out of the platforms in the afternoon!

So this week if you are one of the few whom have managed to escape from the kids you have a great selection of escorts to see because so many are available. All the girls are checking in and they are free, they are waiting to see you and you can make a booking very simply.

If you are stuck with the kids and cannot escape then what can you do? Where is there is go? What I strongly suggest that you do is Google it, you haven’t come to an escort agency website to find ideas for where to take the kids and please don’t call up Rachael either and be asking her for idea, I know that some of you rely on Rachael to guide you to where you are going, not that great on Google maps it seems, of you need her to tell you what the door looks like – I myself have even helped with directions. Yes that’s correct some of you have even got to speak with me!

That brings me onto something that I do find funny……. When the phone rings, I answer, which is very rare, and the person on the other end hangs up! Don’t worry guys I don’t bite, I am not as good as Rachael, she seems to know everything there is to know about every single London escort on our website, even if I knew half of what she knew it would be a lot!

I hope that you all have a wonderful week, that you see the sights of London with the family and I really do think that by Wednesday you will all be bored of it and back on the phone to our escort agency making your booking with your dream date.




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