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Todays luch

20 November 2017

People are always enquiring to me as to what my favourite restaurants are, over the course of the years – as owner of one of the top escort agencies in London I have been to many, its because of this I get ask, my top five are always changing. I am a single man, who has no intention of ever cooking, so apart from a quick blast of the Nutribullet will never ever left a lid on any of the pans of my overpriced cooking sets – if you even call them that, or turn the gas on in the extra modern all signing all dancing hob that cost far more than it should.

With the running of my escort agency I am all over London but some restaurants do draw me back, I have no problem eating on my own – it does in fact give me time to catch up, but of course I do like the company of one of the stunning babes that you will find on our website.

Today I went out of the way to head over to one of the flavour of the month places, its a very small Italian in Knightsbridge, that serves great food – after all great food is what a restaurant is all about, if it doesn’t have that, no matter what the atmosphere or the latest celebrity spotted falling out of the door, then it’s worth nothing.

I booked a table for two, I had Sophi with me today, she is great, if you have seen her then you will know what I mean, if not then I want you to picture this in your mind – of course look at the pictures on her profile and you will see what she looks like but its what you don’t see in the photos that will blow your mind. Sophi is wonderful, she has a personality that will draw you into her, she is warm and friendly – quite possibly one of the most amazing escorts that you will ever meet. She has so many great points they are too many to list – I have come off track here.

Back to what I started off with.

So the restaurant we went today – one of my top fives, Sale E Pepe, your find it in Pavilion Road just around the corner from Harrods.

You can go on line, read the reviews and see the menus but I’m going to tell you about my visit.

To start we shared a plate of calamari, I love calamari, soaked in lemon juice and a little tartar sauce on the side, a great sharing starter, Sophi likes fish herself and this is so dam tasty, a chilled glass of champagne on the side for her and a beer for me.

Main course – grilled king prawns for me, wild prawns not farmed, spinach and rice for her lobster pasta a hint of chilli on both. You’re not going to get cocktails in here, so stick to simple drinks and it’s a nice way to go.

No desert for either of us, we had to get going but coffees as the meal ended.

And there you have it, right from the mouth of a London escort agency owner, about his lunch time date with one of the best escorts in London at one of the best restaurants in London.




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