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Transsexual Escorts London

15 February 2015

A little-known fact is that transsexual escorts are also called ts escorts and are becoming all the rage here in London. Transsexual escorts London are here now at Dior Escorts and, as always, have passed our interview stages and their photos deem to be true and 100% genuine, what is the point of working with transsexual London escorts and them not looking anything like what the picture suggests, we would have more clients complain than anything, we would get nothing out of it, in fact it would be so bad we would closed down our agency.

We have already added a shemale escort’s gallery to our website but thought that we would also school you a little in what a transsexual London escort can offer you, transsexual escorts are ever so feminine in fact that you wouldn’t be able to tell the defence, these ladies really do look after themselves. Now we are around a lot of women, as you can imagine, but we have never seen any of them spend as much time as our transsexual London escorts in the beauty shops, these girls really do live for looking great. It is like they wake up in the morning with full makeup on, you will never see one of our transsexual escorts leave the house in anything less than a sexy dress and the sexiest high heels and believe me guys these girls look great in heels.

I had lunch the other day with a beautiful transsexual escort in London Bayswater, Khao San, 30 Uxbridge Street, W8 7TA, she looked amazing I arrived dressed in jeans and loafers, my usual day time wear but this girl was completely made up, full hair, makeup and the most gorgeous pair of fuck me knee high boots that I had ever seen, I could only imagine what it would have been like to be crushed between her legs while she was wearing those and hopefully not much else – maybe a tiny lace thong! Anyway, the lunch date was a delight and I wonder if any of the staff relished that I was sitting there with one of the most famous of all the transsexual London escorts.

Many of our transsexual escorts also see couples, how sexy would it be you and your partner having fun with a sexy transsexual escort, with you both knowing what surprise you are going to get. Booking an incall with a London transsexual escort can be a daunting experience but our team here at Dior Escorts want to make it pain-free for you, that is why they are so friendly and they love speaking with you guys and gals. Call us today for the best transsexual escorts in London and you will leave with a smile on your face.




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