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Weekend in Seville

09 February 2018

What a week to be the owner of one of the best escort agencies in London! I have had so much fun, it’s been a complete blast, now I don’t want you to get jealous and I am not telling you this to brag – I guess I am just a little bit.

I love the warm weather, most of you will know that by now, I have spoken about it at great length on many of my blogs, I just love the bit of sun shining down on my face, sitting outside having a coffee, catching up with friends and, really, living a little bit of my own Mediterranean life, Kings Road is a little like a small Mediterranean country to me but our perfect enclave still gets the horrible cold British weather and as much as I like a big coat I am sick of the winter come January 1st.

I saw the weather and heard about this terrible cold front coming in so what did I decide to do? Remember guys and girls I own an escort agency so can jet off at a moment’s notice, one of the many perks of working from home!

I booked a weekend, a very long weekend in Seville, Spain, I have never been before but fancies a city break and a bit of warm so this place seemed perfect.

I can hear you all think…… “who did James take” which one of our lovely ladies would I be taking? Would I dear to ask Rachael? Or is she far too busy being the Queen of London – I can just imagine how much some of you would missing her should you call and not get to speak with her or have her arranging your dates!

Of course I took a girl…….. I am not going to travel alone, that just not me!

Right, Seville is beautiful a great city all I done for five days was eat, drink and entertain – or was she entertaining me, my companion – Which girl did I take well I’ve had my eye of Kate for some time now, I love a girl in knee high boots and a bomber jacket! Kate is like a Sloane Ranger, she is dreamy and such great company!

We didn’t stop laughing, what a great lady Kate is, so much fun, she is so intelligent, a great choice for anyone looking for company!

Would I go back to Seville again? Yes of course I would but perhaps this time I would give the rooftop bar at the EME Hotel a miss and see some of the great sights of the city although I would still like to spend plenty of time indoors with Kate!




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