Why do men use escorts

15 July 2014

The whole point of making a date with an escort is to get something that is not being got at home, that is it, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and many people will not like me too much for saying it.

Firstly men get tried, its true and by the time they get home from work they want to relax but they can’t, the kids are screaming, the wife is moaning, he has got to run around the corner to the petrol garage to get some bread for the pack lunches and when its time for bed the very last thing that either partner want to do is get down to it. That is why so many of our incall appointments are busy during the day, the guy (or sometimes evens the female can call up and book a date, a quick break during his lunch hour, or maybe just after work – these are the times when an agency is the busiest, a 1 hour incall is subtle of this business, do not let anybody tell you otherwise, trips around the world are few and far between and overnights are just as rare.

What men are looking for is a break and can you blame them, no I can’t, I am a man but remember that I do live a different life to most.

So your husband wants to duck out and spend a little bit of time with a sexy young lady, a call girl, what’s the harm in it, doesn’t he still come home to his wife every night, its not an affair its fair from an affair, he is paying to spend time with someone a little different, perhaps a bit younger, perhaps a bit more open-minded, when does a working mum / housewife have the time to don high heels and a fishnet body stocking to play around in the bedroom? Hardly ever and when she does, does she really want to put her heart and soul into it?

Escorts in London are in very high demand, men looking for an escape book most and women looking to give their husband a little something different book lots.

Sometimes, just sometimes the wives wish to join their husband in the newly found fun and games of the world of escorts and there are many of the girls that are happy to accommodate, perhaps the wives would like to learn from the escort a new technique for performing a little owo?

In the be all and end of men are men, that’s the point and I would like to leave you all with something that a very famous escort once told me; “blowjobs for men are like flowers for women”

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