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Welcome to the all new erotic wrestling gallery here on Dior Escorts. Since growing our domination and fetish services to cater to all of you kinky gentlemen out there, it would be wrong for us not to have created a dedicated erotic wrestling escort gallery.

Here you will find a complete range of professional wrestling escorts which are gorgeous, athletic, trained and get real pleasure from hurting their clients. Each lady you find has toned physiques and are a lot stronger than your 'average' girl. These ladies have no problem making you beg for mercy as they pin you down and submit you.

Don't worry though gentlemen because it will be a clean fight. Our wrestling escorts in London know how to perform each move safely and understand the limitations and boundaries to play by. For some people, wrestling may be fake but these sensual ladies are going to show you just how real erotic wrestling services are.

Why Is Wrestling a Sensual Fetish?

It is actually quite easy to understand why wrestling has become a fetish for a lot of men. There is definitely a sensual appeal to being up close and personal with a gorgeous lady who is wearing very little clothes or a skintight outfit -it's a bit of a tease. The tease also comes from the struggle, the noises and the sweating from the effort to control the fight. This can reenact the act of sex, whilst fighting also goes back to our primal instinct - some men just love a strong woman.

For many men who have watched wrestling since growing up who have always had a fantasy about a female wrestler, can lead to desires of participating themselves. After all, everyone wants to escape to a place they feel happiest. Some people gain sexual engagement from watching porn others from watching wrestling and there is nothing wrong with that.

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What to Expect From A Wrestling Experience with A London Escort

Are you a fan of the WWE and have always wanted to wrestle with a sexy Diva like Kelly Kelly or Trish Stratus? Of course, you are, who wouldn't want to get Rikishi Stinkface off a sexy lady. However for many people when you say wrestling, the first thing they imagine is big sweaty men fighting in a fake sport in America, but erotic wrestling is a growing domination service for gentlemen who like to enjoy pain to reach higher levels of pleasure.

Let's get it straight however because you are not going to visit a lady's home and find it's like a dojo with wrestling mats laid across the floor. Instead, you are going to be greeted by one of the sexiest escorts in London in her amazing apartment. Once you are comfortable you will be shown to somewhere more private where your wrestling partner will begin to beat you up until you are tapping out and or being pinned. 

Unlike the common conception of wrestlers are steroid heads, just because the service requires a strong lady who likes to take control, doesn't mean these stunning ladies are huge bodybuilders with muscles everywhere you look. Our erotic wrestling escorts are professionally trained to perform safe wrestle moves and in our opinion are still the sexiest London escorts you could hope to meet. 

Types of Erotic Wrestle Play

There are many different types of erotic wrestling styles which can sexually arouse someone. Here at Dior Escorts, we only represent the ladies, so see which ladies enjoy these types of erotic wrestling services from the list you see down below, contact our team. We can then get in touch with the girls are tell you what wrestling styles they offer at their discretion. 

Nude Wrestling - Nude wrestling involves both participants being naked of course. Each participant then tries to pin the other one shoulders down on the floor for 3 seconds. If you would like to spice up the fight maybe you could add oil into the mix.

Strip Wrestling - If the fun is in the tease, why not start fully clothed and the winner of the match is to fully undress the other person.

Tag Team Experience - 2 is also better than one. If you think you are up to the challenge why don't book a duo of wrestling escorts to put you to the test?

Arrange Your Fight Night With A Wrestling Escort Now!

If you have never experienced the pleasure of wrestling with an erotic London escort, call our agency now and we will connect you with the best-trained wrestling escorts in your area. Just don't blame us when you lose! Our number is 02038595225 and our team of experts will do everything to get your date off with a bang.

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