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This is getting seious these two amazingly sexy babes can be booked together for a very hot and naughty time.

I have got to say that I would love to have a hour or three with either of them but the two together...... Well the pleasure ( or pain) dosn't bear thinking about.

Located in a very lovely, and large, apartment which is close to Edgware Road tube station Tammy and Madeline are mind blowing

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To book these two babes as a duo please double thier rates, for more information and to see thier reviews use the above links to visit each beauties individual profile.

Have fun guys and girls!

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Acted out a fantasy all of my own. My Husband has always wanted a threesome and so have I but without him so I booked Madeline and Tammy. Wow. I’m still in a state of shock of what they did to me. I still have ‘jelly’ legs just thinking about it. Just everything I hoped it would be and I’m so glad I went ahead on my own and did something for me. I think all us ladies should try it! You only live once!

Review of Madeline And Tammy

Made by Pam on 05/10/20

Now this was a really interesting date! Madeline is a very hot blonde with some really sexy tats in some really sexy places believe me this lady is on fire and loves what she does! Tammy is a sexy brunettte who has the most amazing boobs and sexy sexy sexy lips This was with out a doubt the best 2 hours of my life, to lookj down and have these 2 bundles of hottest looking back at you is like something that dreams are made of. So much fun, so much excitement and laughs. I shall be returning for both of you and please bring those awesome toys with you!!!!!

Review of Madeline And Tammy

Made by Bowled over on 28/02/20

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