A really great Friday night

01 February 2014

I must apologies to all my loyal customers, just lately I have not been keeping you up to date with what I have been up to, more importantly which of the lovely, sexy Dior Escorts ladies that I have been taking out and where we have been going. Rachael tells me that a couple of you have even called up asking what has happened to James? Where has he been? Why haven’t we got to speak with him? Doesn’t he like women any more???? Well of course I like still like women, women are the most beautiful of all the creatures on this great planet of ours, I love women! I always have and I always will, that is the reason after all the Dior Escorts came to be. So today, as I set here watching by brand new Sony 60inch 3D TV, you guys should see Iron Man 3 on this thing one word WOW!!! Off track sorry.

My Unforgettable Evening Last Night

This morning I am going to write and tell you about my evening last night, I had a great time and I was joined by one of the most beautiful of all my escorts in London – Samaira. Now as many of you will already know Samira is stunning, a beautiful brunette with an amazing smile, sexy come to bed eyes and a body to die for, you can literally bounce a £1 coin off of her stomach! The gallery at Dior is a healthy mixture of blondes and brunettes and I have got to say that Samira is one of the hottest young ladies, if you are looking to spend £150 on an incall but I would advise you to spend a little more time with her than that, an hour is never enough with a lady who looks as fine as she.

That is me rambling, plus a little bit of the old sales man in me, now onto what happened. I picked Samira up around 9am, she looked amazing, short black dress, bare legs – her legs always look perfect! Black stilettos, they just get me, there is nothing I can do about it, black stilettos (of course they have to be at least 4inchs) just get me, they make me dribble at the mouth, I am putty in any woman’s hand if she breaks out the big guns I have never seen Samira with a bag but last night she was spotting a fetching little black one from Gucci, Samira only lives a short walk away from the Gucci store in Sloane Street so it is very easy for her to pop over there and pick out whatever she wants! Of course not on the company tab!

The Night was Eventful

Our night was spent drinking, dancing and eating this lovely brunette escort is a complete pleasure and I just didn’t want the night to end, unfortunately when I dropped her home I had to dash, can you believe that I did not have the time to retire with her to her apartment and enjoy that beautiful body of hers or those hot, sweet red lips that I know bring so much pleasure to every body.

If you would like to book a date with Samira, it can be an incall, it can be an outcall, it can be an overnight or a week away in the sun – seeing this beautiful on the beach and tanned with her bare feet in the sand has got to be high on any bodies list of things to do.

I still meet up with the girls regularly, please do not worry about that, I will start keeping you up to date with the latest news again and promise that the site will be up dated with my exploits.

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