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17 May 2018

The comings and going of our lovely London escort is very hard to keep up with, as you can imagine with the number of very beautiful ladies that we have on our site and the thing with these beautiful women is that they do love to travel – but lets be fair, who doesn’t. I can think of a hundred different places that I would rather be right now and I love this city! My love for this city doesn’t mean that I don’t like laying on a beach in the sun, waves lapping at my feet, kind of living a Tom Cruise Cocktail fantasy. Do you have places that draw you back to them?

Some of our girls like Dubai

A few of the girls love to jet off to Dubai for their winter sun, they love to jet of to Dubai for their summer sun as well but then again you can’t really blame them! I’ve said her that Dubai is not for me but I can see why they do it, getting there is so simply now that loads of the girls even just go for the week end!

This is the reason why you will see so many of our ladies are away on the gallery one minute and then back the next, its constantly changing and we have to keep up with it. Rachael sends me over a list twice a day with updates, so our site is getting updated at least twice a day. Forget about the amount of work that we put into arranging photos, up dating our Twitter and the like – would you ever get a more update site?

Our reception team really work

This is one of the reasons why when you call up Dior Escorts that you are dealt with in such a speedy manor, I’m not sure we have ever had a complaint , and we have been going for several years now, at how our reception is run! That is quite some feet when you stand back and take a look at it; we aim to deal with everyone’s enquiry as quickly as possible – Rachael does do a very good job with this.

Even with this in mind I would always have three ladies as your choice when you call up, that way you can never be disappointed, the amount of calls that we take every hours means that availability of the escorts changes in minutes, some of the girls are of course more popular than others but if you are stuck then just ask Rachael for her advice – she loves to dish that out.

Dior Escorts on Twitter

If you check our Twitter then you will find out loads more information about what’s going on, I am also going to set up a Twitter account for Rachael so she has it on her phone and can keep you abreast of what is happening at our escort agency.

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