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15 February 2016

Covent Garden is a area in London like no other, yes many parts of London have some great history in fact many people believe that London has the greatest history of any City in the world but there is something about Covent Garden that really sticks in people’s hearts, the area just has something which pulls you back time and time again – I do not know what it is, I just happen to know that it is there and must be very strong because I just love returning

Covent Garden falls under a WC2 postcode and is located in The London Borough of Westminster and Camden; you will find Covent Garden in the boundaries of Long Arch, St Martin’s Lane, Kingsway and High Holborn. In recent history the “Garden” has been known for playing host to the Covent Garden Fruit and Veg market, which at one point was the main trading post for all the fruit and veg in the South of England. On a daily basis millions of pounds worth of produce would be bought and sold, porters would lug huge burrows around the cobbled streets laden with the customers purchase. In a way it was a shame the market closed its doors, in 1974, and moved to its present location in Nine Elms, on the South side of the River Thames, really not as classy as the original and not home to any of our beautiful ladies, the era of trading died when this happened and dealing in the “market” was never the same, companies which had been there for hundreds of years closed their doors because they just couldn’t keep up with the prices, people who had only ever know life as a market porter where gone. The era of the market in Covent Garden has nearly been forgotten, there are only a small handful of these hard-working men left to tell the stories of what they see and what went on on those famous cobbles

Although the market moving was sad what it did leave behind was an area that was ripe for developing and today is classed as one of the best street entertainment venues in London. Walking around Covent Garden you will come across every walk of like and you will see many street performers, each and every road is lined with coffee bars and restaurants, which have helped to create the great atmosphere that you will find there today. Visit Covent Garden on a bright and sunny day and you will find the streets lined with thousands of people and some ever so sexy female escorts, it is great, the street performers are some of the best in the world and people fight to get some of the spots. A day watching these guys, free of charge, could be better entertainment then any trip to the circus, if you get the chance keep an eye out for the “man in pink pants” a true talent and someone who can easily be admired

If you are taking public transport to see one of our incall escorts then Covent Garden tube station is located on the Piccadilly Line, you will also be pleased to know that the famous lap dancing club Stringfellows, it located on the junction of Long Arch and St Martins Lane and is a favourite hung out not just for our ladies but for many of our clients as well. If you are interested in booking Covent Garden escorts visit our gallery for information about how to book a companion which will change your life.


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