Escorts adding selfies to their profiles

08 August 2017

We have never denied that the pictures on our gallery are photoshopped but we are quite stringent that if the girl has somehow grown 2 foot, lost 2 stone and is unrecognisable, unfortunately, her details will not be making the site.

We insist that the photos represent a more polished version of themselves, not a complete lie! With that in mind, we decided to add another great feature to our site to kick-start this month. Over August we'll be adding further photos to the girl’s profiles, un-photoshopped and in all their selfie glory!

If you're unsure about one of the girls you'll be able to see for yourselves before committing to a booking and get a good picture of who will be opening the door. However, this is a relatively new concept and some of the London Escorts aren't quite ready for it so please don't take it as a bad sign if the girl you're after hasn't a selfie attached to her profile, it may take time to get the whole gallery looking this way.

We're very excited about it, what do you think? 


So far girls who have added selfies are;









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