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29 May 2018

The gallery at our escort agency is updated every single day, new girls arriving, girls leaving, girls going on holiday, changing photos, us changing their thumbnails something or the other is always going on.

Rachael is up to date with everyone and loves giving you all advice on who you should see, to be fair with you she is really best with that side of the business but with me being me I always have to have my say.

Many of you know that I still, even after all these years - Dior Escorts has been going for several years now, meet every single one of the girls on the site, I make a point to, even though I am rushed off my feet making sure that the back office runs correctly I can’t let any of you down - don’t get me wrong sometimes a bad apple does slip through the net, we can’t all be perfect.

So what I thought I would do with this article is give you an updated list of some of my very most favourite ladies, some old, some new.

It’s a great way for you guys to get another option other than Rachael’s and, as you are all well aware, I hold no punches and will happily tell you the truth!

The best girls in London


I still love this girl, she knows it as well, I still think she is one of the most beautiful - she also knows that but I like that. I like the tanned skin, I like the dark hair, I like the “I know I’m amazing” attitude and to be fair she is right. Daisy gives as well as she gets, I like her dressed up - let me know if you find an escort in London who looks sexier in a body stocking and heels, get her to wear her straps heels she has very sexy feet. Her list of “likes” is massive and she doesn’t mess about the bush with these, she performs tip-top all the time plus Daisy is only £150 for a 1-hour incall, can you please tell me where you are going to find a girl like this for as little as that?



Been with us for some years now and to be fair I’ve only just started to get to know her, I mean I have met her a few times before but the past few months we have been out, had a drink, shared a smoke and had a real chat!

What a great lady! Spending time with Madeline is like spending time with an old friend, there is nothing that sexy babe does know about, she is very well educated and has been all over the world. Don’t let the tattoos she has fool you she is as sweet as they come! Or she can be a hard and fast dominatrix if so called for -she also has all the great that is needed for that plus some very sexy outfits to top it off.

Now located in Edgware Road, Madeline can be booked day or night, incalls and outcalls - what more could you want?



Brunette, tiny waist, massive boobs and great big blow job lips - all the best points of a very sexy lady. But there is so much more, Lottie draws you in, the first time I ever meet her I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, she is another of those girls who draws you in, she will capture your heart. First time I met her we had coffee, the second time I met her we had a little more!!

She was wearing red high heels - the ones she had on in her last set of photos, black stockings, a black leather skirt and a white shirt - unbuttoned of course. Lottie another great escort whom at £150 for an hour can be beaten. Would I recommend that you book her for longer? Of course, I bloody would!



I like Joy, not the most popular of girls but I think that should change because she ticks every box. Firstly let me point out her only downside - she is based in Earls Court and that is a crap place to be, I think that’s why she is getting bundles of work, it’s a hard place to get to and let’s be fair who wants to go there anyway.

But you’ve got to get past that, you have got to make the effort and see this stunning blonde London escort, why? Not just because I say so but because she is great, the girl is so much fun to be around, she shines out, she is lovely, she is perfect, she is a dream come true for so many. Take a look at her likes, take a look at her list of toys and uniforms and you will see just how much effort she puts into doing what she does!


A final word from James.

This is a very short list, we have over 100 of the best escorts that you will find in the world in our gallery and I haven’t got time to tell you about them all, I haven’t got time to date them all, this article is just a snippet, it’s early up to you guys to help the others booked, share your reviews, share the details on your social media tell your friends about your dates down the pub! Spread the word about this escort agency, help us push and become the biggest, help these lovely ladies excel at what they do. If you have any questions about these girls or any others on the site then please feel free to email them in, phone up and speak with Rachael or even call up and ask to speak with me.

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