Love Google or hate Google

10 May 2013

I spend a lot of my time writing about escorts, after all this is a escort agency website and you have come here looking to book yourself a date with a pretty lady, other than that I spend a hell of a lot of time of the internet researching Google and what it is looking for to help rank this site. As you all may be aware we currently have a little problem with, what we believe to be a Penguin update, not it has nothing to do with the fluffy little flightless birds we see waddling around the ice caps, more to do with some programme that runs through the internet picking out bad sites.

How did we get thrown into this I hear you all shout, or in some cases you may click away from this page with a huffled “Boroff James, get a life”. Well a link was placed upon a website which believed to be a very good trustworthy site, everything looked ok they sent us an email confirming what we had ask and job was done. Unfortunately people out there in InternetLand do not always do as they say and before we knew it this website was spread completely across there site, all 50000 pages of it.

Penguin looks for unnatural links pointing to your site and guest what the little bastard done when it saw all these links with the same anchor word text pointing to us............ That’s right dropped us down on the SERP’s, we went from being on the front page for about 250-300 keywords to being in the basement of nothing. Our traffic dropped in a single day, thousands of hits went down to nothing and I mean nothing (maybe 20-30 a day).

We have since had this link removed, it took ages of trying to contact this so called “webmaster” more like “webwanker” but we finally got it taken off. Now we are just wanting for the all power Google to update its good self, and we wait and we wait and we wait and we wait ( I think you get the idea). Why is it people slate Bing and Yahoo ( we all know they run of the back of Google), the traffic from these search engines is tiny compared to Gods great gift but they update more often, given better results and do not smash you for the smallest mistake.

Today i heard a rumour that Google would only be displaying paid for ads on their front pages, well you can’t have Adwords for an escort agency, so what that means is (if it happens) every advert on the front page will be from one of those crappy redirect sites that some has tried to slip past Google and I thought that they were meant to be helping the user out. It really doesn’t seem that way to me, I have written anther article asking why sites that couple content and duplicate everything, written in poor English and have little or no skill rank higher ( at the moment) than Dior Escorts, it is a complete baffle to me and something that  I think Google will never fully explain.

I would love for a Google employee to read this, the one question I would like to ask someone direct in Google (if there was a phone number, or even someone that you could email, not webmaster forum) why do you hide behind your big corporate doors, and why oh why have I came into a business where one media can make or break a business; I’ll tell you why! BECAUSE I FUCKING LOVE IT X

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