Maybe A Theatre Trip With One Of Our Ladies?

11 March 2013

The only other City that can compare to Theatre Land London is obviously New York and as it seems you are looking at a London escort agency website, we’ll assume that you are in the capital and learning about New York would be utterly useless.

The main run of theatres runs from Oxford Street down Shaftsbury Avenue and across into Strand. Nestled amongst these roads you will find theatres with so much history the rest of the world can only watch in envy as the shows that play in these go from strength to strength. People from all over the world travel to the city to be mesmerised by a show, a play or a musical.


Experience London Theatre with your Escort

You really cannot speak about theatres without going into the history of the London Palladium. London Palladium is currently owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber – perhaps the most famous person currently working in the theoretical world today, who in a recent television interview stated that if he had to sell everything so that would be all the rights to all his music, all his shows, his property the only thing he would want to keep would be this theatre. It is steeped in so much history and has hosted so many shows from pantomime to full-on opera that you could never list it all. Perhaps the one thing that brought it to the general public’s eye was the long-running television show Sunday Night at The London Palladium. Even today, in times of economic downturn you will struggle to obtain tickets for any one of the shows where – it is just so popular.

The great thing about the theatres is that they don’t have to be world famous to host the best shows. Not all of them have to be long-running shows either – take the Garrick Theatre in Shaftsbury Avenue; Comic, Micky Flanagan, hosted a one-off show of his latest tour there recently.


Why visit the Theatre with an Escort?

The appeal of visiting the theatre is so great that one show, it is almost certain that it will never be caught up, has been running for 59 years - The Mousetrap based on a story by Agatha Christie. There are many other shows that have been running for a great deal of time, another world favourite, Cats, ended its run after an amazing 21 years, still pulling in the crowds till its closing day.

All in all, the theatres in the city have stood the test of time. Lately, some new shows have opened which in years to come are sure to be deemed as classics, Wicked, showing at Apollo Theatre Victoria, which tells the story of the witches before the start of The Wizard of Oz is just one.

We are sure that when you visit the capital, there are many sights that you wish to see but we really must encourage you to visit our theatres. We promise you will be astounded.


How to Book Theatre Escorts in London

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