Me being Frank

30 January 2016

Over here at Dior Escorts London we have not had the greatest couple of months, to be frank it pains me to say this and I hate to put it into writing but it is the truth. I would imagine that there are some of our competitors out there, other London Escort agencies, that are going to greatly enjoy reading this, I would think that there are some people whom are closely associated with the escort business in London that are also pleased to read this. Its very hard to hide, I wish I could but you just need to know your way around a computer to find it out so I see no point in trying to hide it.

Dior Escorts Agency London have been around for nearly 5 years now, we have had a good run, our Google rankings have been some of the best but we have seen a slip, our rankings have dropped and we are not getting the traffic like we used to! I would go as far as saying that it is nearly 20% down and that is a huge amount.

What is the real pain in this is the fact that no one, not even our SEO team can seem to find out why, we haven’t been attacked, there is no copy content and yet we keep on slipping down. Just a couple of months ago we were on page 3 of Google for the term London Escorts, we have slipped down to 5 and then back up to 4 but haven’t managed to get back to page three.

Our area categories were once all in the top 3, Paddington escorts, Kings Cross escorts and the list goes on where all dominated by Dior Escorts that is not the case now.

We still attracted the best London escorts, we still put in lots of hard work and we still make sure that our customers are our number one priory but the work levels are just not the same.

Now I am not saying that Dior Escorts London is going to shut down, in fact that is far from it, in fact the hard times just make me want to push harder, I have worked advertising through recessions, this is nothing but……….. Will it work, will the SEO team and I be able to do it? I am going to wait a couple of months before I decided where to go and then perhaps???? Well I hate to think so, what would the London escorts agency scene be like in London without Dior Escorts? 

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