Mobile phone problems

03 October 2017

I must apologies to all of you who were trying to call Dior Escorts Agency yesterday, I am afraid that there was a problem with our mobile phone lines, something that Virgin still have not fixed, and therefore you could not get through to us. The only calls that we did get were people through Whatsapp on those of you who call off of an IPhone, we are getting I messages but not normal text messages.

I am sure that you can all imagine what a pain this is and who this is not telling any of us, especially those of you who want to call through to London top escort agency because you want us, and only us, to deal with your booking because we make your life so easy.

As I write this news article to post on our escort agency website, time 9;30am on Tuesday 3rd October, we still do not have normal service, I am keeping people abreast of what is going Via Twitter and other forms of Social Media, I point out Twitter because that has a live feed at the bottom of our homepage.

This is something that is completely out of our control and there is nothing that can be done until Virgin pull their finger out.

Just to emphasize; Please do not use the normal Dior Escorts London telephone number today! The number on the site is changing until this problem is fixed, if you want to get hold of us and make a booking with one of our super sexy London escorts then please call 07762426943. As soon as this is sorted we will update you.

As the day goes along we hope that Virgin have got this problem fixed but have been told that this can take up to 5 working days – nothing in this day and ages takes 5 days any more, we all live a much faster life!!

Come on mobile phone companies pull your fingers out, its times like this I wish I had the time to claim money back off of them, I wonder how that would look!

Until this problem is fixed if you want to email your booking then my email address is [email protected] please send through your telephone number , who you want to see and at what time and I’ll pass all the details onto Rachael who will get back to you as quick as possible.

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