Modern Man

25 January 2014

Good afternoon, my name is James and as some of you may already know I own Dior Escorts Agency, some of you may have even spoke with me, I may have personally arranged your date with one of my lovely ladies. I enjoy what I do and I put a great deal of effort into it, I live in Central London and I am what, I guess, you would call a modern man. This article is about what it takes to be a modern man, well it is a quick insight into what it take, more a look at what you should wear and how you should act.

Lets start simple;

Your hair – a good clean crisp hair cut is very important, keeping your lines is very important, find a good barber, Central London is packed with lots of them, one of my personal favorites is Jermyn Street Barbers – 74 Jermyn Street SW1Y, right in the heart of traditional men’s wear. These guys put so much effort into what they do and you will come out feeling like a million dollars.

Suits for work;

It really does depend on what environment you work in, if the office calls for you to wear a suit then please make sure you do it in style and PLEASE get more than one suit, you can shop around and find some really great day to day suits that do not cost the earth, Zara and Marks and Spencer have made some great efforts but if you can push the boat a little further then please do so. What ever you do DO NOT make the mistake of ironing the suit, that is how the lovely middle age men get those lovely shinny lines and always look like a bag of shit! Do not dry clean your suit too often, the chemicals ruin the cloth and within a few months you suit will end up looking tired and has-been.

Work shoes;

I am writing about work clothes because most of you spend a great deal of time at your office, you have to, you have got to earn money to spend time with our lovely high-class London escorts. Many men make the mistake of wearing the same shoes everyday; they crate a false economy for their selves. A pair of shoes worn every day we last half the time of a pair not, so alternate your shoes, look after them, get good wooden shoes trees, these draw the damp out, they also help keep the shape of the shoes. Make sure you have got a good black and brown pair of shoes, keep to leather, that way you are getting the best of both worlds.

Keep reading on to find out more and more, the are loads of articles dedicated on this website to looking good, I will continue on later in the week with some more ideas on how you can become a modern man, remember that it is a way of life not just an idea

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