15 March 2014

Let’s talk about orgasms: there are those of us who like to make sure it’s a must-have every day thing, and there are the unfortunate few that have yet to experience a single one. Whatever your knowledge and experience, we can all definitely agree that we can’t do without them. We are all better off with than without them and I know that many of you love it when our escort girls do!

I recently came across a story about a woman called Liza that suffered from a rare medical condition which left her experiencing some very long spontaneous orgasms. Liza from Seattle was at one point in a three hour orgasm, which had her rushing to Hospital only to find that Doctors where as shocked as she was with how long her orgasm was lasting, at one point they thought that her partner had drugged her. At first it only happened during sex but then it was happening in public situations with no warning or cause, just imagine what you would do, what could you do if and orgasms just happened out of the blue, I can’t see really see this as a bad thing.

It’s like having too much of a good thing really, after a while it loses its value. How great it must be to have an orgasm that goes on and on. Of course most of us don’t have then for hours and hours like Liza but imagine if men and women could have longer orgasms. We already know about multiple but if they were significantly longer would it make us happier? I don’t think people would ever leave the bedroom.

In today’s society an orgasm comes hand in hand with a healthy relationship. So much so that now it’s not if you have had an orgasm but what type of orgasm you have had, how long it lasted and what you did to get it. Also not just the physical work done to achieve an orgasm it also the mental side to it, its said that you need a clear mind to focus, but not on the end goal but on what you are doing to achieve it.

They say that sex sells but how far does that go, or how far are we allowed to go. Put sex anywhere in a sentence and you will automatically get someone’s attention. Sex wouldn’t be sex without an orgasm and that wasn’t always the case for women around the Victorian times. To be fair, people always knew about men having orgasms, but no one really knew a lot about them. The vibrator was even originally invented to induce orgasms in women as part of their treatment for hysteria. Imagine a woman not feeling under the weather and she goes to the Doctor who prescribes that you have an orgasm - our beautiful Central London escorts would love that!

It is said that orgasms aren’t important to some people but it’s one of those pleasures that live hands us and we can’t get enough of. Men and women love them and no matter how you get yours remember to include it as part of your five a day.

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