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15 February 2016

A role play escort is an lady who will act out a certain scenario for you. Our gallery is filled with the best escorts London has to offer who love to roleplay. One of the most popular requests we get for role-play is that of the doctor/patient. Many of our clients enjoy having the scene set where they are the doctor and they have to examine their patient, in this case the role play escort.  It can be a even bigger turn on when the escort plays the part of a nurse, many of our naughty ladies have this uniform along with the stockings, and they must examine their patient, so much more interesting than a trip to the doctors and I am not sure that too many nurses go to work in stockings and high heels – although perhaps if they did the country would be healthier!

Everybody who books time with many of our role play escorts in London comes back for more, people just can seem to get enough and who can blame them. With  roleplay people can be whoever they want, they can be all mighty and powerful or they can be quite and mild, it all depends on the mood of the day Living out your fantasies with our role play escorts is what it is all about, the only limits being that of your imagination ( and of course that of the girls wardrobe)

All our girls who offer roleplay are based in lovely apartments in London, where you visit them for some role play fun or you can take up the other option of booking one for a outcall booking, where she will come and visit you, obviously due to travelling resections she may not be able to arrive in her fantasy wear and may need five minutes or so to get ready for you.

Google “rolepay” and the first result you get is from Wikipedia – the free on line encyclopedia, which gives you a discretion about it, now you have two choices you can either do that and spend the next twenty or so minutes flicking through a website, only to switch the computer off and go back to life as ‘normal’ or you can pick up the phone, call us and we will arrange for the sexiest woman that you have ever seen to pleasure you in ways that you could not imagine, wearing what ever you want and doing what ever you want! Really people? You had to think about it? To learn more about role play, click here and read our 5 classic role play costumes

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