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18 August 2018

This is not a completely fresh news post, I am going over a subject that we breach every once in a while and thought that today was a good day to sit down and write about it.

This news post is about girls who have joined Dior Escorts in the past little while as well as what some of the more “seasoned” ladies have been up to - you won't get descriptions of the ladies like this anywhere on the internet.

And now the girls 

So the first girl that I thought I would write and tell you about is Costa, she’s new, she’s based in Bayswater and she is £150 for an hour, you are of course going to be given that information on her profile but I know Costa extremely well and can tell you a little more about her.

So Costa is a little bigger than her photos would suggest, I thought that I would get that out of the way, I don’t want any of you jumping on my back about this and as with everything we are very upfront with all the details about our girls. Is that a bad point? I don’t think so, why? Because as soon as you meet this stunning brunette you will be drawn into her world, she is so friendly a delight of a woman, her smile lights up the room, she is one of those women who will make you forget that you are with an escort. Her apartment is lovely, it's her home, she has made it more comfortable than 90% of the apartments that I visit and that to me is so important! When you are in the company of Costa you will forget about what’s going on in the outside world and that my friends is what seeing an escort is all about! Would I say that she is my top lady, no, but I would say that she is now in my top 5! And that's a hard top 5 to get into!

Number 2

Now my second choice for this update is Lottie, why am I writing about and updating you with details of a lady who has been with us for some time? Well, Lottie has lost loads of weight, she has literally halved in size and looks amazing. Lottie is in her early 20s’ but please don’t let that put you off, she is wise beyond her years and really does know how to entertain - again one of the biggest plus points of any escort that you will see in London.

Located in South Kensington in a very clean and fresh apartment Lottie will cover both incalls and outcalls, she is a very busy lady - as you can well imagine but please do speak with Rachael who will get your date arranged with speed and efficiency. 

To me what stands out about Lottie? Well besides the obvious, her eyes, she has the most amazing eyes and as you sit there she will draw you in, it's great, she relaxes you and will leave very happy.

I love Sophie May so much

The third lady I would like to update you about is another based in Bond Street, her name is Sophie, and why do I want to point this striking young lady out to you? Well she has returned to London after a very long break, she has new photos, please do not fear Sophie May has posted a selfie on her profile which will show you just how beautiful she is, in my professional opinion Sophie doesn’t need edited photos, she could knock your socks off if I post a photo of her that I took with my iPhone. Book Sophie May if you like open minded ladies, she is fully bisexual and so enjoys the company of couples. I once booked her for a very fun night with Daisy, we hit the town, if memory serves we went to Novikov, had an amazing dinner, a drink and the girls had a dance in the club downstairs. We then went back to my apartment and the girls left Sunday morning - without a doubt one of the hottest Saturday nights I have ever had and I own Londons top escort agency!

And here is Teddy

Teddy, another new lady to join our escort agency. Shame she doesn’t offer out all but she more than makes up for this via the fact that her apartment is amazing, she overlooks the River Thames and I mean front line view! Her hair is a natural blonde, her boobs are big and fake, her waist is tiny and she has abs - you know this girl hits the gym, her bum is round and hard - this is real there has been no surgery on her botty! She has long toned legs and very sexy feet plus the fact that Teddy is constantly in high heels and I love a pair of heels.Located in a very exclusive part of Chelsea - anywhere else just wouldn’t meet up to her standard Teddy is what she is - a very high class open minded escort. Book her for fun, games and a little something more, I am sure that so many of you have never met a girl like her before!

Rounding up

There are so many girls to tell you about, check our Twitter account where we post the details of all new ladies who wish to have Dior Escorts represent them, we also have a new girls gallery containing all the newest lovelies. Rachael is ready and waiting for you - I will get her to post a new blog soon, I know that many of you guys and girls love to read her thoughts, but she has been ever so busy of late.

That's it for now from me but I will be back to you all next week with some more updates!


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