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Such a strange day

16 October 2014

Well my day has been a little up and down today; there has been some really good points and some, quite frankly, pretty shit parts. I thought that it would be a good idea to share the lot with you here.

I have said it before and I will say it again, running an escort agency is not all “shit and giggles” with this in mind I shall start with the bad first.

Once again there has been some problems with the website, a fix is trying to be implemented because someone, outside of London, has been attacking our hosting, yes nothing to do with us here at Dior Escorts, something to do with someone completely else and we have suffered for it.

If you have been trying to access the site this afternoon or this evening you will have found that it was displaying an error, this is now not the case but has killed the evening bookings, which means I have a number of escorts all around London sitting there doing nothing!

Tonight yours truly has the phones and tonight I am sitting here getting text after text from the girls letting me know that they are available but I have no bookings to give them.

According to Google guidelines we must keep you updated with fresh information, its not good enough that we give you a gallery filled with the best ladies in London! You are not going to get much fresher than this!

Good points of today;

I am getting to watch plenty of TV

I am getting to send plenty of text messages saying thank you

I am getting to read lots and lots of the Daily Mail

And……….. I am sitting through the worst film, so bad that it is good, Pacific Rim that, I think, stars the American who tried to be English in Green Street?

I also managed to fit in some great coffee time today with some friends, the downside of this being I was still in my tracksuit, yes I, James Dior, was wearing a tracksuit past midday, so pleased that none of the girls we represent walked passed, I would never have lived it down.

Please take note; our website is now back up and running  and I am here waiting to take your bookings for your dates with one of our lovely escorts!

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